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  • Post your beautiful Belle


    My Belle is adorable.
  • Sir Render - Miri Story Mode - Lesdodis!

    This is pretty nice, going to be able to go through the story to understand it better without playing the whole thing again to see if I missed something.
  • Hidden cities on Ortel's map

    Going for the language is most likely a loosing battle.
    I didn't map Heide and Albey because to get there you use the Rocheste Sewers (seen in the Betrayal quest). The placement of those two areas on the quest map are questionable at best, and entirely wrong at worse.
    The unknown area is non-cannon storywise just like the Royal Army Raids, so it's not mapped either.
    Regarding Ben Chenner, it is said that it's beyond the Fobellow Praire and that it was a volcano due to Elchulus being sealed there (It's defiantly a mountain though), so it might be even beyond what was mapped, but it's in the direction of where I mapped it.
    Niffleheim might me there, I'm not sure if the Fomor hell would be someplace in the mountain, but I won't argue it.
    The ruins of sanctity and hoarfrost depths might be right, but I prefer keeping broader terms, just calling it Ruins and Hoarfrost since they're so close and almost the same place.
  • Hidden cities on Ortel's map

    Silentine wrote: »
    This is really interesting, It inspired into to try at see if I can solve which area is which, however, if this map posted by StudentOfTheGoddess is right then Catacombs and Hoarfrost Depths should be where I pointed in this image, because comparing the rocheste and cohlen map in on the board it shows that Catacombs should be a little to the right from Ainle and Hoarfrost Depths should be left of Hoarfrost hollow, at that more rocky area.
    Anyway this is probably wrong but we can only theorize and speculate for now, but however it is really interesting.


    What you pointed as the catacombs would be actually Colhen, the catacombs are in Ainle so it makes little sense they'd be accross the river. Regarding the Hoarfrost Hollow and Depths, they are the same mountain and caves, one is just deeper. Doesn't hurt to have the description, I left it vague by not pointing to one or the other and just calling it Hoarfrost.

    For better (or worse) understanding of the map, I coloured it a little (badly), as it might have been before the release of Elchulus.
  • Hidden cities on Ortel's map

    Decided to try and make an understandable version of the map, locations may be, and are most likely wrong in a few cases. Feel free to correct me if you find anything.
    I tried naming the locations based on where they are on the quest map, how closely they resemble the locations in the map and with information give throughout the main story.

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that Colhen was mapped wrongly, it should be right bellow Rocheste. It fits seeing as the path we take on foot matches, and the bell tower would be visible just like when we take the path to Rocheste.
    Colhen Circled in Red