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  • Cause of the error "Unauthorized program detected"

    Hello! I'm sure that some, or most of you, had one of these errors while playing (Or in case you had both, the first error appears, then the second one):

    "Unauthorized program detected - You will be removed from the game"
    "Connection with the game server disconnected due to a network error"

    I found why do these errors happen, although I can only confirm it from my side. Believe it or not, Black Cipher isn't what is causing these errors to appear, but the game itself. Yes, the game.

    After getting several "Unauthorized program detected" errors, I closed every single program that isn't related to Vindictus or Windows (Discord and Firefox), but the "Unauthorized program detected" error was happening anyway. Then, I disabled my firewall (The one from Windows, not the one from my router), closed any non-prioritary windows programs and services, reduced the game settings to the minimum, but nothing. The same error appeared. (The events described in this paragraph ocurred during last week, and didn't happen one after other immediately.)

    Then, I decided (Today) to check what's going on, by checking the Task Manager while playing. No weird .exe files appeared/were there, but something happened. BlackCipher.aes suddenly closed itself. 1 minute later, the game itself threw the error "Unauthorized program detected" and then it kicked me out of the game, to the main menu. I tried to play after being sent to the main menu, but I had the disconnect error and was kicked afterwards. I assume it was because BlackCipher.aes wasn't running, so I rebooted the game so BC could appear.

    What I conclude from this is that the game believes that because BC was closed, the player had something to do with it, so it throws the "unauthorized" error, when there's the obvious possibility that BC could have just crashed by itself.

    A workaround for this issue is that, whenever the game detects that BC is closed, instead of kicking players out of the game, it reboots BC so players can continue playing normally.

    Additionally, this line appears in the logs whenever I get the "unauthorized" error:


    And as a "bonus", while I was writing this post, I got a "You have been disconnected" error in this very forum, if you don't believe me, check this picture: