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  • How about to SLOW DOWN with PRICES ?!

    I guess someone will at least read this topic and think about it a little bit wider. Or i am the only one who see this as problem ?
  • How about to SLOW DOWN with PRICES ?!

    @Ekaterin but we are talking about EU server that has atm big economy problem which made me pissed off about it . Telling me about how is on NA cant change anything. No reason to listen ur prices... Its definietly broken on Europe. Thats why i started this topic . I want changes and If we all put a little bit of effort we can make it better place for all of us. I dont think that Vindictus community would not accept on some kind of compensation about that. EFFORT ALWAYS PAYS OFF !
  • How about to SLOW DOWN with PRICES ?!

    Thank you @Red_Bones for your great explanation. Uhm when you said ad hominem did you thought of Argumentum Ad Hominem or not? Anyway, thats true what you said, many players have great stats and gear, but there are more players with 2 grades down gear wich is too sad for me . I mean, im not some good geared player, but i cant keep upgrading myself. No way to go up, only few golds up and down which is not enough for upgrading myself as player.
  • How about to SLOW DOWN with PRICES ?!

    Well i described situation very well about vindictus economy, I guess have not missed anything
  • How about to SLOW DOWN with PRICES ?!

    I guess we are all asking ourselves how to farm money in this game? Ye, I was asking myself that same question too and I tried to make different aspect of looking on that. So I decided do check all prices of items to see whats best to farm. Here comes my look :

    Amethyst/Peridot belt : 2,5 - 3kk
    Crescent Moonlight / Thunder ring : 450k- 1kk
    Ocean depths monster- Crescent announcement ring: 3-4kk
    Ruby/Emerald belt :250k
    Level 90 weaps 3 star : 400-1kk
    Main core : 2-3kk
    Keen/Stable/Lightweight/Perfect/Smooth stone fragments :rarely people buy them because you can get them for seals of bravery or triumph medals
    NEW BELTS : from 14kk to 17kk
    Copper bracelet: 500k- 3kk ( depends on how much in shop is currently)
    Innocent cry/ tear: 10-15kk
    Weapons level 80-70 etc - price is from 150k to 1kk
    Armor levle 90 3 star: same like Weapons level 90 3 star, even lower
    Scrolls Rank7/8/9 : From 3kk to 20kk( 20kk if perma)

    You see? Pretty sad picture of our reality in Vindictus. When you look better at these items I mentioned ( I didnt mention Blue/ white cat brooch because u need 50 shiny for them) you can see that these items are most rare drops from raids/dungeons so you basically cant get them easy to make money. We got new ULTRA HARD raid Neamhain godess and it was really hard to do it. People had to pay ( and they are still paying ) 10kk FOR A SINGLE RUN. Few people came up to a mind to take money from already poor players because they cant get money. Its sad picture to watch how some people take that money to ,,carry them,, . Maybe you think we should all carry people in vindi for money so we could earn it ??? Do we have to do that?
    What happened to Season 2 maps like CMI, Ship graveyard, Desert, Moonlight peak, misty summit? Why nobody play CMI or ship or desert ? So game is back to state where we can play only raids on lvl 90 ( only Season 3 raids ) few Niflheim and thats it ? So What about other items in this game ? They cost like 2-3 k and its useless to farm them.
    On the road about my question, i lost my way. Everything seems darker now. Why there is not a light at the end of some tunnel ? Is it possible that game will be fully pay to have money ? What about people who have weaponsmithing ( like me for example) ? I cant earn anything from that talent and I have spent almost 50kk to max it. What about Gold smithing or armorsmithing ? Why is everything so dead ? There is no passion in players to play maps to make items and be happy . Guess the word ,,HAPPY,, doesnt exist anymore in this game.

    After Neamhain we got Migration with NA and Australia, and the expectations were very high , but reality so low. Its okay about that combt system, running system, no XE, jump etc. There is no single good thing in this . Prices still the same and what are you doing by that - giving +11 free runes, phoenix wings, premium enchant rune foir Brynn and teddy bear. Where are adjustments ? How do you expect from players to earn some money when repair costs us 200k ( in most cases).


    While I was thinking about this problem for months I came up to mind for an idea. You should put some ,,line,, like minimum price of item that can be put in marketplace. This is important thing because Economy of Vindictus is only going down and down, no raising of prices. It would raise prices, and people would know FOR WHAT they are playing that map ( CMI or Desert or Lionotus, doesnt matter) . That would increase the selling of season 1,2,3 items and also motivate players to play that maps , not only Season 3 . With putting limitations to minimum price of some items, people couldn't sell that item under price just because they want money now and immediately and prices couldn't fall.


    Making Gold Merchant : A Story or non story guy who will have prices for any valuable item in this game , so if people cant sell it on market place or they want fast money or their scroll is going to expire, they can sell it for price that is at merchant for how much is that item ordered. So that could also help in Vindictus Economy and no more pain about prices and poverty.

    Message: THIS TERROR MUST COME TO AN END ! Lets make Vindictus better place like it should be, dont let it go down !