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  • Durability Protection Potion nerf

    That's because they replaced them with a pot that reduces every type of equipment durability consumption (you can get them from secret boxes). With this update they merged a lot of buffs together (camp base 2 buffs that got merged into 1 + 4 bought buffs that got merged into 1) so i guess that must be why...

    Next update they merge EU and NA servers +cold
  • Don't you hate it when you die in a raid...

    What about the people that are new to the raid, or rather, just new players in general? I think most people are willing to learn the raid's mechanics given the opportunity. Do they just stay dead for the rest of the raid until the next one they do? How can you practice something when someone expects you to be perfect at it your first few times? You have the assumption that a lot of people just don't try when they're raiding, that they just run at the boss and try to do their smashes/moves and expect to be revived after they die without even trying to dodge or block and that's just not true.

    Everyone makes mistakes. We're not all perfect. Your argument that we have merc-like pots now and it should be impossible to die is just another excuse that's basically saying get better and stop being bad. True, it's a lot easier now since you get "better" armor and all but that doesn't mean new players deserve to not get revived because they've never done regina before and got hit by a 4k dmg red attack or got swooped up by her ohko that they've never seen before.

    The best way to learn something is to watch other people do it correctly. Even if one were to try his hardest, if he does not know what he is doing it is useless, because there is a huge chance he will still do it wrong. For instance, if he was tasked to lift a very heavy boulder, using his bare hands would probably be possible if he trained himself very hard, but it would be less efficient and way longer to achieve than just using a crane.
    That is the reason why when i revive someone and he dies literally 10 seconds later (except in abo, because good mechanics), i let him stay dead, because he obviously knows nothing about the raid and he will profit more watching others that actually know how to do it.

    "But but i just want to play it's boring watching other people"
    If people want to stay bad why do they even bother playing ?
    "Idk i just play for fun"
    It's not fun to die all the time because you know nothing so do not tell me it is about fun.

    As you said it, everyone can make mistakes, but when one knows nothing, one has to learn first. I never expect people to be perfect, myself included. But if someone does not put in any effort he is just asking to get carried...

    Don't worry, they will take notice of it and release a new gacha that gives out different coupons from the previous two 3 months from now with a third zecallion set coming with a dyeable head :*
  • The Importance of Alban Festival Existence

    Trolling aside, it is actually the best way to farm seals/triumph medals/ap if you know what you are doing :
    • Around 20-30 mins per 'battle' once you've learned how it works
    • Gives 10 seals of bravery 10 triump medals and 500 ap per completed run
    • Doesn't require any gear/stats at all to run
    • Makes use of the almost obsolete secondary weapons system (only useful on eochaid and zeca other than this)
    • You don't have to run it if you don't want to, unlike raids and DC where you need the scrolls/money to gear up
  • RNG reverse polarity nightmare.

    Came here expecting an Evie bug, was disappointed...

    But never forget how Vindi RNG works out : When you want it to work, it fails, and when you want it to fail, it works.