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    Aquasol wrote: »
    If the team did not care, then they would have never merged the servers or looked into expanding serviceable regions in the first place.
    I wish that never occurred in the first place. Stop acting like it was for players. It was a selfish decision. A decision to spit in players' faces that what they want (within the publisher and game possibilities) is irrelevant for Nexon. No, that was not the only way to save the game, things just were supposed to be handled wiser. And the result of your team's care is the assembly of people here cut from the game they spent years in. Never heard of any publisher having issue with providing the rights in East Europe region. I believe Nexon made a pool of bear traps itself and jumped into it, now it tries to escape the problems...

    Why does a 'volunteer moderator' make a childish verbal argument when the requests of players are so crystal clear and fair? We don't need to hear again from your volunteer moderators or support chatbots: 'if no one says anything, then there's nothing else to say', or 'we do our utmost to solve that, please keep patient' . We need someone from the REAL STUFF to make an official announcement (public) that the issue is in process of solution. And public means that the other players should know that. Until this is done, all of yours words are meaningless. You have to realise that you don't have the trust of players anymore, that's why people won't stop reminding you and posting things about that all over, if we don't - you just won't give a damn. It already feels like this, you just wait till the last one of us leaves disappointed and the problem is solved. I'm actually quite sure none of the players here that got blocked from the game actually believe that you do something, I think you just use the exhausting tactics...

    One of the main problems why Vindictus was dying - the publisher's attitude. It seems Nexon doesn't know what 'service' is... And clients are treated as scum. Yes, Nexon, that's how it feels. I remember trying to send some healthy suggestions about how to improve the game state (it was like a desert then) to the support stuff and I got the answer that "I have no right to mess with Nexon's internal business ... ". Though I made them apologise for that.

    So sad to see the game drowning.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    Greetings from Moldova. Another country to add to the list. Also I can speak on behalf of my friends from Estonia, they also can't get through. So mainly the victim countries are:
    I wonder - what mysterious reason prevents Nexon NA from adding those countries? They keep saying they don't have licenses for those. What does prevent them from getting one? There's no Russian department for Nexon (because f.e. in other games these countries except Israel get attached to RU server). So what's the story behind that?

    It keep astonishing me - how Nexon treats its users. They can easily ban accounts because they just don't want to add a few lines of code for people who actually had valid accounts and been allowed to play. We need to keep this convo live.