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They die so brightly !!!
  • Divine Punishment - The legacy of time!

    I burn in you!

    Nine years after Divine's first heartbeat, I still burn inside my guild and live to tell. I am not yet ready to close the book, even if sometimes I feel old, turning the corner with a chest bent by cough and a bloody handkerchief...
    Divine Punishment carries the arcane metal signs of history deep within its skin - some even beneath the flesh, which grows over them like a festering mold... it's an ancient language few still understand.
    God knows I guarded my angel and gave it my all. As it was supposed to, this ignited a chain reaction for others to do the same - and they did beyond my wildest expectations. From a dark corner of my mind, I somehow knew it all had to live exactly the way it was written to - free! And as soon as it was alive, the guild grew its own will, forged its own path and shined brightly. All we ever had to do is guard its rules and keep its allegiance to what was right and fair.
    I did not own it, it did not belong to me, moreover I belonged to it - and I forever will. I chose to create it, and I choose to be the last one drawing breath as a Vindictus Divine. Because I kept the living, I also have to keep the departed, remember the stories and bid farewell to all those who want to create more like us and what we stand for.
    Eternity is born and dies within a blink over the eye of brilliance and insanity. Yet, as the oldest one, I'd like to lay my flowers of remembrance over the ones who made us what we are: Farewell friends, may we meet again with light somewhere! We've had one hell of a ride! Divine has done well beyond all it set out to do, and there's still more to this magic story!
    I never claimed to know what the future holds... but we still have a pulse and that was enough to resurrect this great behemoth more than a few times in the past. Someone always held the flame.
    Under the bloody flags, an enchanted kingdom will begin to take form, beneath the moon's silvery glow. Divine will live forever... as the best story this game ever had to offer or as the warmest dream of tomorrow's dawn.

    Dominnique - D.P. Guildmaster
  • Divine Punishment - The legacy of time!

    Double post
  • Divine Punishment - The legacy of time!

    " I danced in the moonlight, whispering a haunting tune...
    ...to the night..."

    I promised I'd take your hand and walk with you across the sunset. When you let go, as you were walking away you'd notice a ghost of a white rose inbetween the pages of your life. That is our bright memory, my friend! When dressed in the cloth of ephemerality, what could I give you more valuable...?
    Maybe a sepulchre, whose creator I no solely am... We've built this together, so any could return and smile, dream or mourn...
    I am one of us, just as any of you are - a Divine.

    Seven years ago today, a dream came to life. And for seven years Divine Punishment has braided my soul with all of yours who walked our path, so all of us can now look back and smile, even for a moment. No matter how great or painful your Vindictus memory is...

    Tomorrow may lay in sunrise or in ashes, yet today is ours and I want to thank you for all the hartbeats you've written in our song. We have had one hell of a ride, and the day is not yet over!

    Now give me that horizon ...!

    Dominnique - D.P. Guildmaster

  • Divine Punishment - The legacy of time!

    We made Chronos self devour. Here we are now, at his sepulcher, while heavens are raining blood... through him we enter the unknown. Let's not forget who we are, and why we're doing what we're doing!

    [Archive Finale #7 - 13.02.2017]
    As the day dies, lighting my last smoke, I wonder down the pathway, as I did so many times before. It’s winding and cold, but the voices from the past are still behind me. I’d like to turn around and grab the hand of “yesterday”, but all that’s left is a story and a bittersweet smile.

    Warm evenings, sounds of metal swords, battle cries… the crafting hammer in Colhen… and the late “ready up” on the boats… I can’t even…

    Everyone gave their best. As it was, poor or wealthy, black or white, it was ours. And we never needed more. As we were, few or many, we’ve held on to the ground under our feet and pushed onward for tomorrow.

    Divine Punishment was a dream that promised forever and lit up the sky with a thousand stars. There have been many goodbyes along the way, but everyone’s memory lives on. All those years ago, we set out to be anything and everything: an abbey for the silent, a map for mercenaries, a boat for survivors or a cemetery for the departed, a monument for the lost and a piece of truth or fairy-tale for the present day.

    I have to thank you, for silence has never met my cries. Some of you came along and faded into more lightful places and I’m thankful for the mile we walked alongside, for the corner we’ve turned together… a mile that turned into a story of wisdom and smiles, one that has braided into the legacy we have today. Some of you are still here, with lines on the face and hands, bearing scars alike… walking the path we’ve always walked. I feel blessed for that, because the moment lasts forever and I am in-between what happened, and what could never be.

    Despite the fact that this may be my last cast on the European Forum as it is right now, I will be here, surrounded by the Divine Punishment Guild, tracing trails through the mirrors of time onward and back, as we have done from the first days, and as we’ll do until all things are cinder.

    Dominnique – D.P. GuildMaster