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  • My idea to revitalize Vindictus, please share ur

    Royal Army fills that niche of battles available to a wide level range with worthwhile rewards. Even if you don't care for the Mysterious shards, you're getting ap, bravery/dedication seals, enhancement elixirs, composite replacement/synthesis materials, all in a run that's supposed to take about 20 minutes. The big boy stat boosts are there to make gear matter a bit less too.

    The problem is that the raids run like ass half the time, causing them to take too long, and the padded stats for lowbies don't mean anything because they have no ap investment. It's awful when the level 90 slots are filled by people who got rushed to endgame and have 80~ crit and 130 crit damage and don't even come close to taking advantage of the uncap in there. It's a good attempt at a normalized stats game mode I'd say, just population and performance issues ruin it.

    The only other point I could pick out of that wall was that the gearing system in Vindictus is bad. Yeah, it is. Ideas for remaking it get spitballed around lots of threads here, the stickied AP restoration one being the most recent. Dig around a bit and you'll find some very sensible ideas players have come up with.

    To reiterate some of the ideas from other threads that I liked:
    1. Add a new challenge oath or change Season of Macha to be a "no resurrections" run, applicable in all raids from season 2 and onwards. Clearing raids with this oath would give an ancient coin, which could be traded into a permanent ancient coin shop for scrolls or unstable runes. Up to the devs to choose what would be fair. The scrolls would be nice but combined with our current seal shop that would leave hardly any options for making big gold gains aside from selling equipment.

    2. Make unbinds obtainable in game outside of events. We should not have to pay to contribute finished items to the in game economy, nor should we be limited to doing so only when events provide us with the means. This change is for the sake of having more gear floating around so players who aren't terribly lucky can save up and buy enchanted gear without having to compete with people who are buying them for mass enhancement purposes.

    3. I forget.