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    Raiders wrote: »

    Maybe in Vindictus 2.

    Rather than Vindictus 2, what we need is a new game by a new developer that can match Vindictus' combat system for fast-paced action combat. And for the love of god no more hotbar games. I don't know what it is about MMOs and hotbars. Vindictus proved that you could have high-paced, complex combat using literally nothing but WASD, spacebar, and the mouse.
  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    NinoG wrote: »
    sign... i just back for nearly 1 month. Gonna check a bit more time after this "revolution" and see how it works first. But it sounds bad anyway, just put a tiny single hope then.

    P.s: i remember the day when DragonNest developers bring "revolution" to players 3 years ago. DragonNest's totally dead after few months. No one's wanna hear about that game any longer.
    I accepted that free/casual players , won't bring profit for the company. But they help on widening the communities. A ''global'' game without them, only scratch-card-players, is totally THE SAME with PRIVATE SERVER.
    If NX kills them, then they're done.

    Was that the whole "T5" thing or whatever it was called? When they removed half the game modes and made every enemy in all but end-game content die in one hit in every mode (after removing all but two battle difficulties)? Because I joined 5 days before that, absolutely adored the game, then that update completely killed it for me. I was still leveling up my character and having fun with the challenge of running all my leveling dungeons on Abyss. The all of a sudden everything changed to die in one hit and I couldn't even use my Alchemist (?) class mechanics (the bubbles) because there was nothing left to use my bubble attacks on after everything, even the boss, died to a single basic bubble-building attack. The game lost all purpose for me; I wasn't going to slog through a mindless grind that didn't even teach me how to play my class correctly or offer any challenge whatsoever. So I hope that such an update NEVER happens to Vindictus, or I will leave it and NEVER go back, just like Dragon Nest.

    However, this update looks nothing like the Dragon Nest one did. Sure, it seems to make game progression easier for average players, but mainly by combating gear progression issues and the difficulty of finding a party, among other things. As far as I know, boss HP isn't getting nerfed into oblivion. I do remember reading that some stuff will have reduced HP. Ein Lacher is -50% HP, which is sort of counter-challenge, but then they're super stressful battles and it's annoying as all heck when you spend 10 minutes chipping away at a boss to get a gold then end up getting hit near the end. I'm not sure how I feel about that challenge being reduced, but we'll see. Then other bosses will have less HP due to the party size being reduced, but that's relative anyways, so it shouldn't make any difference?
  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    Well, I read a full translation of the Korean RISE patch notes, and it looks like the single best update the game has ever seen to me, assuming it all plays as well as it sounds on paper. I'm sure some of it will fall flat, but it still looks excellent, especially for attracting your average, casual player. The hardcores may complain, but they still have plenty of ways to be hardcore with the way end-game gear progression works, as far as I know.

    Though I can't speak for a lot of the content of the last couple years, because I haven't played Vindictus in all that time, only checking in for news occasionally. And I'm glad I did. I am definitely going to give Vindictus another shot after RISE releases! The only issue remaining is that I assume it is still peer-to-peer hosting...

    ...however, the changing of much content to a 4-man system helps to solve some of these issues. Personally, I think that 4-player content is more enjoyable than 8-player; each player counts more, but at the same time it's not so impossible to clear it solo if 3/4 of the players are poor. Plus, you get a bonus for doing so. It's a win-win in that regard. But more to the point, having the majority of the game as 4-player content will largely increase the number of potential hosts. There are many players who can host 3-4 players, but not 8. It will also make finding a party easier, especially for newer players playing older, less popular content. Previously, you basically had to request a friend to carry you through battles like Weeping Queen or Irukul. Now, it should be more realistic for new players to actually form their own parties.

    A couple of the concerns I have with the changes are the instant consumables. If I'm understanding it correctly, all potions will essentially become like merc potions, except with a 5-second cooldown. That's way too much healing. Even if superior potions spike in price as a result, I used to sustain in raids just chugging standard HP potions while moving whenever I had a chance. This change is like taking that sustain and multiplying it ten-fold. Unless more battles have instant-kill mechanics willynilly, or if potions have a cap on how many can be brought into battle like long ago, I can't see anyone actually dying.

    Also, I'm a bit peeved about the movement to block item transfer between characters on the same ID. This is skewed in favour of people who have a different ID for every character, and I don't see why it's all that necessary to begin with. If these changes must be implemented, we need permanent shared storage (assuming we don't already have it and I just don't know), and it needs to allow the transfer of all items, not just a select few.

    Overall, though, so many things look streamlined. So many little changes have been made that have a huge impact. I'm really looking forward to this and hoping that it will turn out as well as it sounds on paper.