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    as posted on the official vindictus website with the ulr: vindictus.nexon.net/news/55846/regarding-the-new-fatigue-point-system "The Vindictus Team is always working very hard to increase our player's fun and convenience. Please let our CS Team know if you experience any discomfort after the new system implementation. We would always love to hear from you. Thank you always for your love and support." i would now like to share my current feedback on the state of the game. Before i do tho, i want to express that i allways felt like, the vindictus team doesnt really care too much for the feedback of the players for example regarding the XE-PR discussion or introducing new stats, that the majority of the player base did not welcome. I can not say if that is cause by too little staff members or the unwillingness of developping the game more towards the expectations of the players. However on the plus side, the latest "Hairstyle" issue with the new hairstyle just being avaidable for the latest chars, which in itself is pretty unfair if u ask me. It was then hoever changed to make it purchasable on every char. The support ticket system lacks an option for Feedback btw, even tho it was clearly said u love to hear from the playerbase, that confused me a bit.

    I want to split the Feedback into two categories: One that regards the current events and one that informs about my experience with the Fatigue system.

    1.: (in order of the posts on the website on the 28th. 21.29 mez)
    Super Great Crystal:
    Returning random box with new outfits. I guess a pretty basic sale . With the given chances of only 1,4% for an S tier outfit and a positive estimate of 3 coupons per box one has to invest into roughly 150 boxes to get ur desired outfit if one doesnt bet on the 1,4%. THATS INSANE! Pls compare that to any other mmorpg with their NORMAL PREMIUM OUTFITS. In guild wars 2 for example, the more expensive outfits come in at 20 euros. Compare that to the 285 Euros of vindictus. I can not approve of this as it is taking advantage of a tiny base of players that are willing to spend ALOT of euros on a virtuell optical modification. I personally do like the outfits tho, including the male ones, that are not "just" armors.
    A nice event that gets friends/guilds to play together for a rather small reward, nevertheless it comes without any drawback. I appreciate this.
    I love the valentines chocolates! I mean its another small event, but its really cute. Considering that vindictus has a pretty old playerbase for an mmorpg, it is a great topic.
    the first problematic event. WIth the introduction of the Fatigue Point System whatever one does that is not lvl 100 raids comes with the bad taste of wasting ur ftg pts. The helmet looks pretty stupid imo, but maybe some players enjoy it nevertheless. A nice event in theory.
    One of the least thought through events lately. No offense. An Alt-Char bolstering event that only counts for charackters below level 80?!? Why did you not name it New Charackter Creation Event? With the introduction of Panthalon Vanguard there is no point of having low level alts, right?`I mean there s a system in place motivating the player to level alts and now you give out an event for alts below lvl 80?!? Another problem is, that the rewards are permanent and so strong, that all chars having less gear suffer. And what about a new Player, that didnt manage the +12 scrolled dullahan gear yet? They are super left behind. They are being told, go level a whole new char. And what about the Fusion runes spend? The items are bound. That is also true for alts. Another thing that confused me was the release of this event. It didnt come with the first event posts and was rather added later on. Maybe thats why its not really though through?
    A post that was made a bit later, but was deleted soon after again. I added a screenshot.
    Indeed it is sad that the system was implemented without informing the community before. That is a general problem of Vindictus as a whole and a reason why the community feels this left alone of nexon or the support team. A no-go anywhere else.
    The next part talks about future content that needs the Fatigue System. Sadly the ftg pts were added onto (almost) ALL the content, while the post sounds like its only needed for future content. It did limit my experience on the first day already, but more on that later.
    "Another main reason...." i do not understand this. In fact, the ftg system contradicts the statement: In limiting the actions one charackter can do, having multiple accounts solves the issue for the player. It does not fix that for example gifted random boxes can be farmd by making a ton of accounts. The ftg system does nothing to help that. This is a line, that really upset me. It appears to be a straight up lie. Similar to the lie of having faster updates when changing to PR from XE. Or less bugs. If at all, this will have a negative impact on the economy, leading to more accounts and more wierd item farming of dusty accounts/programms.
    I find it awesome that you are stepping forward and inviting players actively to share their feedback. This is exactly what any online community needs. In my oppinion, this is also why Streamers on Twitch are THIS SUCCESSFULL, cause they get feedback from the viewers and interact with them directly and actively. And thats also why i decided to give you my support in form of the feedback.

    The Fatigue System (I plan to update this post at least weekly, so that you can read through my experience with the fatigue system through the exploration of said system)
    I was not happy learning about this system, that i gotta say honestly. However, i am open to give it a try. Sadly today it added another layer of thinking on what to do and what not to do just based on the pts consumption. That felt tiring. The "need" for a Guild house is heavily unfair for those prefering to not join a guold/with a small guild that did not buy the house. It feels less like a guildhouse feature and way more like a NON GUILDHOUSE PUNISHMENT. That is sad. Around 16.30 i did ask a friend if he was up for some s2 Element stone farming runs. And he said that he doesnt want to waste the ftg pts. Another really sad experience. And the theme of punishment continues onwards. When daily missions (before) were an extra, it now feels like u HAVE TO DO THEM for the ftg pts. But who wants to be forced to do them just to do what they like to do? Some heavy farming players can not execute that anymore. Farmin s2 raids has become impossible on ones main char. And the reason one has a main char, is because one likes to play that char most, right? Some players have farmed battles like "Nothing to loose" alot of the time. Furthermore it feels like a cheap/forced reason to make players buy more vip/vvip capsules and forcing them to have multiple charackters, decreasing the quality of gameplayskill overall, thats what i expect at least. It once more all feels like, the playerbase is not as important to Nexon, and only the paying players matter. Of course everything runs on monney in this world, but the effects of a joint-stock company feel like they are in full effect.

    28.01: Feeling limited, spending tiring extra thoughts on where to use ftg points. Doing s2 raids seems to have fallen out of favor with players. Ending on 150 ftg points around 9pm after "only" doing the last bits of story (lught + selren and lab) and trying to learn Birgit. Not sure if doing raids is fine now or not. Feelsbadman.
    29.01: Starting the day with 150 ftg. 9 Am has past yet no extra fatigue was granted just yet. NOticing that as long as we have Gallaghers dice event, nothing badly will really happen I assume. Wondering what will tho, once it ends. The bed has 24 hours cooldown instead of resetting daily. Thats quite unfortunate for the players imo. Still no bonus ftg points. Noone wants to do dailys. Accidental "Depart Solo"s are carried through instead of remaking with the party cause of the lost ftg. "this is horrible" ~ sylas quote. Having used 10 ftg pots and ending the day on confusing 115. VIP still running.
    30.01: Still no daily fatigue points. Did i understand that incorrectl? If we arent getting any daily ftg pts, how are we going to do anything in the future/without the gallagher event??? 3 Battles a day through guild bed? lol
    01.02: The just-for-fun alt is on 130 ftg points and i dont see any hope of returning to higher ftg with what we get. I dont do astera (obviously) and help mates with main story. THat doesnt award ftg pots through Gallager. I noticed there was 20% ftg points today as daily points. That is so little!! xDD Imagine without Gallager Event, (and no vip) that is exactly 2 battles. FUN! I was willing to give FTG a try, but it turns out to be a gold buyers fav. How is any player not investing actual Euros keeping up with literally anything this way. Disappointing. And with the policy of how it was applied and what is said about it: Actually Disgusting.
    02.02: Slowly running out of ftg. Having multiple friends that reached 0 ftg so they cant do anything anymore. If i may be honest here: You did it nexon. By not adjusting to ur european/american playerbase at all in this case. EVEN WITH THE GALLAGER EVENT. I predict the player count will go down week by week now. And i am personally also giving it one, maybe two more patch days. If it is not reverted by then, I will quit myself. Sad to be "forced" out like this, in a game i like.

    Looking forwards to future updates and making more experiences with the system,
    best regards,

    PS: I do not want to "attack" the staff members of the customer support, as they are just the receipiants of the feedback. I also did not know where to summit feedback to so i decided to choose this topic.