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  • Disappointed about bound Mini Wedding dress

    I have to agree. I havent played in months and literally only logged in today because i thought i was going to be able to get a nice looking outfit for one of my other characters only to find out that its bound to Lethor. Like really? I dont even really want to level Lethor or play her so it was just complete waste of my time. Instead of coming back to play it just made me not even bother to log into my other characters. While getting free outfits is great, its pretty pointless binding it to 1 specific character that plenty of people wont play for maybe a few days before returning to their main.
  • Dear Devcat: Pleasssse give us Hard Mode back.

    Nah theyre too busy implementing Fatigue, whale passes, and gambling boxes to try and fix the problems that crippled their player base in the first place. Why make a game better when they can just milk the whales for thousands every day before it finally shuts down?
  • Hero pass package?

    Imagine paying for a pass that costs more than a AAA title and still having to grind out the 60 levels of the pass which gives substantially less than any other game on the market that has a pass of some sort and even if you don't buy the pass you still get far greater cosmetic rewards than this game gives. What an absolute joke of a company. I don't ever post on the forums but I've played on and off since the beginning of S2 and its **** like this that has killed the game off. It's actually laughable that anyone could ever actually think this kind of thing is okay. At this point they are just trying to milk the whales for everything they have before finally shutting the game down and its blatantly obvious.

    Any company that was competent would have all of those massive amounts of unreleased cosmetics put in the shop at a far more reasonable price $15-20) so people who arent whales could at least still buy some nice outfits. But no whoever runs the company would rather run the game into the ground trying every little thing to milk the whales instead of actually trying to fix the problems with it.

    If you actually buy **** like this, all you do is contribute to the problem and are the reason why this game is at deaths door.