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September 2, 1995
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    NA/ Veteran/ 300/ 79,000 and more

    Well, let me introduce myself. My IGN is TackyMexican and the guild I belong to is Veteran, from the North American server. Before joining into Vindictus in Later December of 2017, I was pretty addicted to BDO as my main MMO. A friend of mine happened to be streaming Vindictus because he was testing out the then new hero Miri. I was interested in the gameplay and soon created a Nexon account to play Vindictus. I loved it from the very start and had my choice of characters. I chose Karok since well.... to be honest, I dont know why I gravitated to him XD. When the time came to find a guild, my friend recommended Veteran as a starting guild. I did and since then haven't left them since. That's my little background before talking about my guild, though I still balance between Vindi and BDO to this day.

    Our Guild's server is in North America

    Why join our guild, you ask? Well , we're one of the most friendliest guilds in NA, as we like to help out new players and assist them in stories, raids, and redeemers.

    In my opinion, What truly makes our guild stand out is our dedication to helping out players anyway we can :).

    Our Guild's motto: Veterans, writing history for the Heroes of tomorrow

    In my opinion, our biggest achievements that we have done is having the max capacity for guild members and organizing events for a NA vindictus server to get people more active in Vindi :) like screenshot contests and dance party contests.

    Maybe in the future, our guild will become the fastest to upgrade our guild mansion in this upcoming update XD. Other than that, I believe that we can become the best and friendliest guild for new players to join in the upcoming year :3

    Fun facts about our guild are:
    -We have 3 1st rank members
    -Our guild leader moderates and oversees a huge discord server with more than 900 people in it
    -We like to have fun

    Overall, I recommend our guild to the NA side because of all the reason listed. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a good day :)[img][/img]