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    Server:North America
    Guild: GhostKnights
    Members: 300+ we so full we gotta kick people to let others in

    We are mostly on 168 but we have contaminated all servers to be honest

    You should join our guild because why not? we have very little requirements and we take in the noobs,*note we do sacrifice the weakest link* also drink your cool aid or get kicked (not out of the guild but physically kicked with Dullahan boots and they have pointy elf toes!!)

    We are special because we are the only guild named GhostKnights, not only are we ghosts but we are also knights nobody can claim the same...(well i guess Dullahan can but we are not on speaking terms sadly)

    Our guild motto is only the best: Edgiest guild in the land, leaving the haters to waste in the sand, always recruiting cuz more activity is what we demand! (ill give you a minute to calm down its a lot to take in all at once)

    My biggest achievement would be i once did a "the price of failure" raid without dying not even once, as for the guild everything we do is an achievement because we are so motivational every failure is a success, EVERYONE GETS A GOLD RIBBON AND FIRST PLACE because everyone is equal!!

    Our future goals are simple we want to recruit more "weakest links" to sacrifice to our goddess, secretly install sleeper agents as employees/board members of Nexon and take over the game one position at a time...when we have full control we will bring back Tieve but not Kheagan and we will also wipe those annoying barking dogs from the game and increase our RNG to steal the market!!!

    We have many other interesting fun facts about us such as: Chuck Norris once whispered the word GhostKnights therefore wishing us into existence, the only thing that can kill us is extreme cuteness, we once did the kessel run in under 12 parsecs...no wait that was Han Solo, Nexon once named us the coolest guild in the game then they proceeded to wipe everyone's memory because they all got too jealous, one of us is actually a famous actor but we cant say who

    Now all thats out of the way let me talk a bit about myself Vindi and GhostKnights, i came to Vindi out of boredom, i was playing *name redacted* before i came here and decided enough is enough i want to have fun, so i came to Vinditcus it was a smart idea because it is exponentially better then *name redacted*. the first couple weeks i soloed the game because im not a very social person until you peel away my layers, but one day i got a random guild invite and at first i wasn't sure about joining but then i saw the guilds name "GhostKnights" and i thought back to that time Chuck Norris whispered that word and i knew this was the coveted guild that came into creation from his words.

    To my surprise the guild was amazing everyone was helpful all the time and it was very inviting BUT there was one person his name was *name redacted* he was kinda trolly but in a innocent way it was fun to banter with him. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked (oh sorry got off track) *ehem* everything changed when it was discovered that i was the weakest link and was next in line to go a sacrifice, although dying was scary at first everything was fine when i came back as a Ghost and i knew in that moment i was honored to be a GhostKnight.

    What else could i say about us that could convince you we are the best THE BEST in not only this game but every game there is ever, *slips reader 100 bucks* bribery works ;) but besides bribery and being birthed into this world by the words of Chuck i guess what makes us stand out is none of us are sheep or copies of each other we are each our own unique persons except for that fact that our characters could be twins/triplets/quintuplets. we have the max amount of members but we are constantly kicking nonactives to make room for new members.

    As for the members in GhostKnights we have many exotic and unique specimens, we got literal goddess's who can solo Neit in 8min (amazing i know), we got a literal bey blade yes that's not a typo amazing again i know, we got a guy who will honestly shank you with a sword while narrating it in Morgan Freeman's voice (totally not the real Freeman i swear even though i already told you we have a famous person in the guild), there is a little cat that makes a big impact in a fight like wam bam thank you mam you're dead now, there's an angel in our guild who likes to bludgeon people a little too much for my taste but that's OK we still have much love for our little psycho path <3, one of our admins is obsessed with natural disasters only names his characters after them, then there is me i am a Sylas so honestly who cares about me. I could go on but like i said earlier we have lots and lots of members.

    And that's all i have to say about that, i could go on but i know i already charmed your socks off (btw your feet stick go shower') now here is a few pictures of the wonderful people that make up our guild.



    And for good measure here is us bowing down to our puppet masters at Nexon