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    NA / Lion Heart / 268 Guild Members / 400250 GP

    Name: Seralleyla

    Guild Motto: “The pride of a Lion is found within its Heart.”


    Lion Heart is a guild on the NA server I joined I think around 2 months or so ago, almost around the time I actually got into the game. It all started when I met a player named Caroline who I randomly started conversing with in regards to the game, she was incredibly helpful and guided me along, it was after sometime I felt the need to ask to be apart of her guild so that I could somehow repay the favour by progressing through elements of the guild or contributing.

    Ever since I got into Vindictus and joined the guild I've never felt so incredibly good about being apart of an online community. In the short time I've been in this guild I've made friends with most of the guild members along the way on raids and other adventures. I can honestly say I haven't come across a community so diverse, so multicultural, so close, nurturing and so selfless, it really is a rare sight to come across a bunch of people not only so passionate about Vindictus but also so very passionate about each other. In Lion Heart there have been members that helped me out individually, whether it was guidance through out the game, answering my countless questions or through other means to progress in the game, they definitely know who they are and they are really appreciated. It is for this reason and many other reasons more you would want to be apart of Lion Heart.

    In the picture above are my hermanos Momo and Fremy I met in the guild, English is not their first language but we still find a way to communicate with one another, these guys I do raid trains with, we try to keep a consistent schedule so that we can smash out the raids together, it definitely is a much more enjoyable experience playing with people you know that don't take the game too seriously or even themselves and are really here to just have a good time, given the challenges of the game you really can feel quite inadequate but these guys here, they don't make you feel that way. These are just 2 of the many helpful guild members of Lion Heart.

    The reasons I feel make my guild special or stand out include a numbers of reasons, one of them, the professionalism it inhabits. A example of this is when I had to have a one on one conversation with the GM before I was able to enter to make sure I was someone mature and someone who wasn't particularly toxic that could upset the guild or cause drama among other issues that could happen in a community.

    A particularly very big reason was also the fact that the guild runs it's own events, as a starter player you have a difficult time getting on your feet when you hit end game as everything can be very costly, Lion Heart held a Christmas guild event that rewarded gold to the players that accumulated the most Guild Points for accomplishing the guild dailies, not only was it to help the guild but it was also in good spirits of the holidays. I was very adamant and managed to get top place, the prize money was enough for me to get on my feet and sort out my finances, there are not many guilds at all that are so selfless or even at the capacity to do so, Lion Heart definitely shines in this area.

    Our guild also has a very organised discord with sections and updates regarding news about the game or news about the guild, a number of sections that outline raid times and sections for specific content or discussions. The biggest thing about this was the fact that the discord channel has a QnA section which I can honestly say I abused to the fullest extent as I had many questions about the game being a new player and the questions I still continue to have.

    The final reason I believe Lion Heart stands out as a guild is the generosity, the fact that their are members that helped me specifically with I would say the hardest part of the game, gearing. Once you get to the end content of the game you have to tackle the gearing process so you can advance through the game and even be viable or even a little useful, this is a big challenge I imagine the developers might one day address more effectively, or they might not for a valid reason, in any case, it is a challenge and certain legends of the guild helped me magnificently.

    In addition to all of this we have a Guild Master who has a twitch channel which he streams daily answering questions newcomers might have, its a nice lighthearted live place to be able to see the game, experience the personality of the guild and get help regarding the game.

    As I am still a newcomer to the guild there hasn't been much of a achievement that I have been apart of or witnessed but in the short time I have been here I would say the biggest achievement for Lion Heart is having the experience of being a part of a big online community with people on consistently as well as being a very stable, very coordinated and very close guild that is with both pride and courage can tackle on whatever the game throws at us!

    A future goal with myself and the guild members would be being able to do the harder raids such as Neam or Balor with them as well as the Astera raids and other future challenges that arise.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post! "roars".