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  • Side Ponytail Hair on all Female Classes

    Kara wrote: »
    Delete that ugly hair XD
    +sad, don't say such things D:

    It is horrible >:l we don't want it
    I think you mean You don't want it

    Then....... Don't wear it? I can't even -
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Kurs wrote: »

    Like I said, if they ask, they'll most likely get answers for and against it, so who do they listen to?

    Sorry, that's not a good enough reply. Good communication from a developer and publisher should never be seemingly discouraged for that reason.

    If many players are suggesting something you go with that. For example. A graphic/engine overhaul. Or Vindictus 2.

    If discussions on forums meant real changes, not a chance at change. People would work together to fix a lot of things.

    Kurs wrote: »
    Among other reasons (if my posts aren't wordy you'll get a lot of vague "among other things" responses).

    Just get to the point without filler text. unnecessarily large paragraphs amalgamated together aren't fun to read , tbh.

    Kurs wrote: »
    So for video games won't they just have an intended experience for the players, implement it the best they can and hope for the best?

    Kurs wrote: »
    Especially since it's possible and does happen that people can be against it at first but once implemented actually end up enjoying it?
    Maybe. However , Nexon is still subjected to feedback and appropriate modification of their IPs. Like any game.

    In this case, thats voice options to revert.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Kurs wrote: »
    Let me tell you all something, someone posted what looked like a GM stating that they are discussing the voice option.

    If this is true - smart move on their part.

    This is why players need to stick together on issues. Because this quote is still true

    "A house divided by itself cannot stand".
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Returner9 wrote: »
    Devcat and Nexon count dollar bills, not long-winded tirades on a forum or edgy one-liners on discord. Nexon doesn’t need to care about you liking or not liking the new voices as long as the cash keeps flowing in.

    But you wouldn't get it. You're one of those people.

    Well - They should care. Given players are the blood of their game and companies relevancy.

    Nexon won't ever grow better than what they are without proper care. Just slowly decay overtime as more passionate players quit.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Returner9 wrote: »
    In the EU server alone there were at least 20 Neamhain comrades sold, and at least 10,000$ worth of boxes opened last week. I presume in NA it was more or less the same. Which means Nexon made 26,000$~ish in a span of a week at the minimum.

    I don't think any of you fully realize how little to none you (and your opinion) matter to devcat or nexon.

    Most likely their opinion.Ironically without the players, there would be no income. Pretty gutsy of Nexon to show that arrogance