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How long have you all been playing?

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I started a little after Karok's release. Back in the days of "No Lanns" boats. What about you guys?


  • GldPhoenixGldPhoenix
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    About 3 months before jump removal. ( I got lost in 40-59 Misty Summit for 1.5 hours)
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    About 5 yrs and 3 months.
  • ScarrletttScarrlettt
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    Since May of 2014. It was not until after August of 2014 when I took over my bro's kai ph03nix who would eventually become a staple character of mine and whom most know me by; which is sexiest Kai NA. I made numerous characters and even my bro came back with his yet again corny name for a character, p3gasus.
  • DelterosDelteros
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    Been playing since ~June 28th, 2014 but I've taken a long break within that time. I started off with Kai and will always main Kai.
  • iSungiSung
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  • RakushuRakushu
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    when season 1 episode 10 released...
  • NoburoNoburo
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    I played on official release but then got banned for voice modding after a few months. Picked the game back up when it appeared on steam and heard that the tokens were no longer a thing. If we're counting from there it's four+ years, only really taking long breaks when I picked up Aura Kingdom and when MGSV came out.
  • iMiniiMini
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    I've been playing for a while. I made my first account during open beta with a Fiona and later an Evie on her release in October (Season of the Witch content update). Played up until a ban in December of 2010 and had no idea why, so I sent a ticket; no response. I enjoyed the game so much that I decided to start a new account.; only four episodes in season 1 at the time anyway. That account became my main and I still play it to this day.

    About two years later, I decided to send a second ban appeal ticket for that account and finally got a response then. From what I was told I owed Nexon, I believe, 30 USD and that's when I remembered a glitch that happened during the Christmas sale. There was a sale going on for the first permanent inner armor; a limited edition Christmas inner armor with candy cane stockings. Twas overpriced, but at the time they had no permanent inner armors or hair for that matter. I intended to purchase just one, but through an odd glitch it purchased two leaving me with 0 NX. My Nexon balance had only funds for one. In the end, I just decided to cough up the 30 USD regardless of who was at fault. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I wanted to see my old characters again.

    Vindictus has had its ups and downs. From the glorious days of when I would get kicked out of channels 1-20s because they were full to the harsh content droughts when people would preach about the apocalyptic end (hell, they still do six years later), I've made amazing memories with its players.

    Edit: I should mention that I hold no grudges over that. I'm fine if it at least help funds the servers.
  • DealerDealer
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    Beta, though I was pretty casual until Evie came out.
  • TawxxTawxx
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    Long enough that the days grinding away have melted into one another xD

    On a more serious note, March 2013.
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Open beta, Though after my lann was level 26 or so and my evie was 17 I took a long break because I only played on my neighbors PC because my laptop couldn't handle it. Build my first PC back in December 2015, came back June 2016 and have spent 1100+ since then o.O