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UI lag is worse after update?


  • WilkoWilko
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    Now here's something odd. Standing around in town, opening up my expertise recipes and simply scrolling up and down the list causes a massive drop in framerate while GPU usage also drops to a low percentage. Now admittedly I've had to go back to a much older much weaker video card recently, but if the issue was GPU power, wouldn't GPU usage instead go up?

    I don't understand.
  • ZuzukZuzuk
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    Stop with this "upgrade your pc" thing, thats not the problem, i have a 4.7ghz CPU (FX 9590), 8gb ram, and a gtx 960, game doesnt use even half of my resources and still runs like crap.
    Best solution ever, do what they did with Left4dead 2, they upgrade the engine!, Left4dead 2 uses source engine (same as vindictus), the l4d2 team had no problem upgrading the game to the source engine 2. In top of all, the source engine 2 is FREE, so everyone can take their source engine 1 game and upgrade it to source engine 2 FOR FREE!.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited November 27, 2016
    Long term, yes it would be ideal to upgrade the game to source 2, although they probably don't want to pay people to rewrite what needs to be when doing so. I don't want to wait for them to do something that drastic either, it could take months, or years, from the day that they announce they're doing so. A more sensible thing to do would be a rollback on the changes that were made to the UI so we can play the damn game properly while they investigate the current build.
  • PowManPowMan
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    Laggy as fook even without UI. My 970 gtx skyrockted in temperature (72c) and and it used to be 65c at most. 4790k cant even handle the shrek of this dx9 game.
  • ablackwomanablackwoman
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    This UI really needs a complete overhaul. :/ At some point the game might become unplayable for me.
  • Yuria100Yuria100
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    Same, can't host 8 man runs anymore, I end up having 5-15 fps. We'll time to host run while having UI off. or i have to put my graphic setting on low even though I still suffer fps drop from the Ui itself ^^'.
  • HustlingHustling
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    edited November 28, 2016
    Very choppy, especially when hosting. Still doable for me and my rig. Hopefully they fix it soon, and by "soon", I mean in under a year.