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Rescue battle quest (BUG HELP PLEASE)

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in Eira
So, since yesterday i`ve been trying to conclude this especific quest but idk why I can`t get this damn quest done.
when I kill the damn Black Hammer the Riordan says as I talked to him at royal army base without getting the damn quest done but I`ve completed this @@@@ 4 times already!!! This already got annoying and Idk what to do, I restarted the game, and nothing, I can`t progress this damn story only because of that.
so I would be greatly appreciated if someone knows what to do.


This is the quest.

I`m at lvl 61 and I don`t even get EXP or ANYTHING, IT JUST DOESN`T WORK!!!!


  • CaddocCaddoc
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    This old glitch will never be fixed lol

    I will give you a hint on how to progress...
    Visit the general store in Colhen...