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Defense question

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Which character has super easy time with defense. I do not prefer fio shield type. Name several preferably females from your top rated defense and down wards, great dodge moves easy time.

Versus hard bosses.


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    Most characters have similar potential for the actual defense stat. So if you get hit without blocking or dodging, I think it will generally do the same damage for all characters, assuming similar equipment, etc.

    In terms of survivability, I think there are two considerations and two types in each consideration:

    Distance: close vs. long-range
    Playstyle (for lack of a better term): longer blocks vs. more reactive

    Distance is easy to explain - the further you are from the boss, the fewer attacks you actually have to handle, and the more time you have to see attacks coming. If you're in melee-range, you have to know the boss attack patterns well, and deal with all of their attacks.

    Playstyle is a bit harder to nail down. "Longer blocks" covers characters with more generous invulnerability frames and those who can kind of just duck and cover. "More reactive" means that the character can more easily switch from attacking to blocking/dodging, giving them a better chance to deal with a sudden attack they were unprepared for.

    For examples, I'd say Fiona is the obvious "longer-block" "close-range" character, while staff Evie is also "longer-block" but also "long-range". Fiona can hunker more, but Evie can hold shield through multi-hits. Both, however, have to know the boss well-enough to set up their defense before attacks start. Lethor is probably the epitome of the "more-reactive" "close-range" character, as she can drop out of any attack motion to block, but her i-frames aren't as generous as some. I'm not sure who would be reactive and long-range.

    So when you ask for great defense, but also "great dodge moves easy", are you looking for more of the reactive character? And do you have a preference on distance?

    I haven't played all the characters, so maybe someone else can give you that ranked list, but maybe this framework will help you.
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    I guess staff Evie has a good shield, a perfect shield block will block most smash attacks. But in later update they are going to screw that skill to be a tap block like Arisha and Eira

    But good defense play I will suggest are Twin sword Vella and Lethor. They are good counter strikers which are fun.

    For Guys, best defense I find are Karoks with their absorb shock, which tanks damage in combo. Keal who just need to press Smash button to parry everything. There is Hurk who can absorb damage as well but I find him that is not useful in later raids. Miri has a parry with normal but not one of my mains.