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Hello mercenarys ...i read that it will be some changes in dismanteling...im ok with that but i think it will affect a lot of player that like me have one char with the expertise and all my chars give the materials so she can dismanteling...i think its not fair for the players that make a great effort to get all the thing for grow one chart thas my way to make money in game..i think that Vindi maybe can change and make my main ( and for all the players of course ) the one to have the expertise...and i thought whats the point to have a lot of alts when they cant help my main ?...So what you all think about that ?


  • AhDaiAhDai
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    I think we need a higher item/material drop rate
  • KittySenseiKittySensei
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    I feel like the purpose was to weed out more bots and make players farm more instead of just buying and transferring item to a character to craft and dismantle. But I kinda feel like this might make the market inflation worst since there will be less of some item to sell but could also reduce price for some higher level items too since not many people will want to buy and craft items to unbind and sell it after. Making gold after level 90-95 has just become a lot harder...... especially for them new players and some veteran, unless they grind or farm raids almost every day but with fatigue bar it's very limited + RNG Luck. Overall it doesn't affect players too much at the moment so will shall all see how it goes after a one++ months past. (let's pray for a easier way to make gold besides hardcore grinding and raiding)
  • ReceiverReceiver
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    Items aren't getting bound when transferred within one account. So the original use-case of transferring drops from all characters to one for dismantling is not affected.

    I still think it's a terrible change, but it doesn't have an impact on that.