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Fevor v Impact - pros & cons?

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Any suggestions for a Lethor Paladin?


  • noctrednoctred
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  • Lois_LaneLois_Lane
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    Thanks noctred
  • Sw33tSSw33tS
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    Let me give you a simple answer, most of the time it's going to be Melee = Impact. Ranged = Fervor.
    Lann = Impact
    Fio = Impact
    Karok = Impact
    Evie = Impact
    Kai = Fervor
    Vella = Fervor (both chain and swords, bcus swords already have to slash high to gain enough speed and they don't spam any offensive attacks anyways.)
    Hurk = Impact
    Lynn = Impact
    Arisha = Fervor
    Delia = Impact
    Sylas = Fervor, but it's optional, I use impact but I feel like I don't need to reduce my attack drag sometimes.
    Grimden = Impact
    Eira = Fervor
    Belle = Fervor (Trust me)
    Lethor = Fervor (same reason as TS vella, they don't need to spam offense, they just gotta counter)
    Kael = Fervor
    Tessa = Fervor

    Feel free to disagree with me.
  • gensiakgensiak
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    I have a question. What does Impact speed mean exaclty? I understand what Fervor does - it increases add DMG but what does Impact do? What does ''Increases Impact Speed'' mean? Does it mean that an attack deals damage before the attack animation finishes or what?