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CresentRose (Guild) Is Recruiting Players.

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edited September 2, 2020 in Guild and Raid Recruitment
Guild name CresentRose, leader is RaignStyle.
We are a veteran OG crew, got players from both the west and east server.
This guild is for anyone who is willing to help other players out (in increasing their stats or working on their gear, while having fun).
We have a guild storage and max Guild House ATM.
Anyone is welcome, there are no restrictions to apply, ALT or Main, up to you to apply.

-Guild's Channel is 129.

-We are all casual players who like to talk vindictus stuff on discord, offer advice, and do raids/redeemers with one another from time to time. We also do Guild Dungeon/CMI weekly, ALOT. If you are into CMI for drops, come join us on one of your characters, we'll have a full party 99% of the times.

<Come join today FOR FREE.>