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Swords Vs Spears


  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    I've never been good with spears so I've stuck with swords, every time I use spears I feel like a big meatbag since I only spin to win and don't use his furies i frames to my advantage. Just need to get used to it I think.
  • KentokiKentoki
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    As some players have said before this post, I completely agree with the pros and cons. I would go for spears. Lol, simply because the furies are awesome to the advantage. I mean, the lust to just like "go in and zoom and zoom" same thing over and over. In and out. The spears style gives you that more mobility and infinite stamina. Just got to watch out, but never forget the risks and the rewards from the frames on the dodge and furies.
    Swords does chunks of damage but just watch out for the stamina drainage. And the furies on swords doesn't give frames but they are fun to play.
  • NickieNickie
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    Spears feels like a more fluid play style for me the roll is better then some moonwalk slide from the 80's. just my opinion
  • Sky_CardisSky_Cardis
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    Sword Lann, simple because I like using swords. So here's my story:

    Back when there were only 3 classes...It was be a female sword and shield, female mage...or a male duel swords...
    Yeah I don't play female characters so I picked Lann.
    If there were no Male Sword users early on in Vindictive lifespan I wouldn't have even bothered with the game.
    I wanted a sword and shield tank like character :P. Was hard enough choosing a person that Duel wields, but at least it was swords so I tolerated it :P
    And I been a Twin Sword Lann main every since. I also find it more fun to play then Twin Spear
    Though fair enough I only brief did the Twin Spears when I maxed all the Twin Sword skills and invested all the remaining AP into Twin Spears and tested it. The Spin to win was boring to me.