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Player count is abysmal. Port over to console.


  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    ^ idk if making a global server would work how you think it does unless they add labels to everyone's boats so you know where they're hosting from. otherwise its gonna be a laggy mess whenever you get a group of eu people hosting for na west people.
  • LaosduudeLaosduude
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    Porting the game over to console will do jack when the problems are the game systems itself, an example like Rise butchering overall game difficultly from early to early season 3 endgame.

    Also, Vindi is so old now, with an old engine version, with a semi-realistic approach to the character models, people would rather just look at BDO if they want that need for nice graphics even if the combat doesn't compared, because it's just "recent". Computer technology has advanced so much more as well, having a good game design is always nice, but some folks want a good looking game on top of that as well with the extra power from their shiny new hardware.
  • SkyFrogSkyFrog
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    ey yo bby come to the switch so i can squish your cheeks