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Please Remove the Useless Fatigue System

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I am highly active in-game and on Discord, so I get to see a lot of players join the game, play until they run out of fatigue, get confused, then ultimately quit. The fatigue system is not properly explained at all in-game, so when new players end up getting limited by it they get (rightfully) upset because the fatigue system has impeded their ability to play the game freely, and the negative effects come out of nowhere as far as they're concerned.

At the same time, if you look at the marketplace, it's clear that it has done almost nothing to stop the bots. If you just camp the damascus steel listing, you'll see a new bot listing every 5-10 minutes at a significantly below-average price on NA. The market for Legendary Ores has been completely destroyed, to the point where weapon ores are at scrap price now. Only smooth ores have some value now, and probably not for long.

The only thing fatigue does is harm the game. Bots still bot, but players can't farm nearly as well as they used to which makes it harder to compete with the bots. It's trivial for a bot to make an army of new accounts to work around fatigue since they can cheat and instantly kill any monster anyway. It's a huge time investment for a legitimate player to do the same and it's just not worth it for most.


  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    We made polls, sent endless tickets to support, and they refuse to take our words. They're heavily convinced that its a good thing for the game, and no matter if polls have 400 votes against and 10 in favor, Nexon will refuse to remove the system.

    At this point is a lost war, we can't change anything, has to be Nexon who realizes that it was the worst idea they ever had for an update.
  • FangerZeroFangerZero
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    Tbh I think it's just easier for them to keep it else they'll always have to remove it when adding the "new" code from KR. However, they should simply reduce the cost of raids which I assume is an easy setting, unrelated to KR code.
  • ArcflareArcflare
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    Ultimately if they actually cared about their customers they would have just set the fatigue costs to 1 and gave us 100 free fatigue points every 12 hours. But its blatantly obvious they just wanted another reason for the whales to spend money instead of actually caring about what the majority of the playbase wants so the game stays fun for everyone. They love implementing things that screw over the majority of the player base and thats why this game is slowly dying. I used to play 4-6 hours a day and over the past couple of years i find it hard to even bother to log on so if theres not an event giving out actually nice things i just put my time else where.

    Also its not burn out from the game. I absolutely love Vindictus, but im not gonna put my time into a game that just looks to screw me over every other patch just because i cant afford to throw $100's of dollars at it at a time.