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Wanting to play, but not being able to.

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Hey everyone.

There's not really a great purpose to this post, I suppose. But I just thought I'd mention that it's really depressing that this game is still region locked. Not to mention peer-to-peer (I assume that's still a thing?). Vindictus is, rather surprisingly, still one of a kind. I find it hard to believe that nobody has actually copied the success of Vindictus' simple-to-use yet fluid and deeply rewarding combat system. If someone had, I'd probably have to go play that game. Because, well, I can't play Vindictus. Why? Because I moved to Japan, and the Japanese servers shut down ages ago. Given the option, I'd love to play again, even on NA, even despite the lag (I could always play solo or with local friends). But alas, the game is still region locked. Why, I may never know. It seems like they'd make more money if they stopped limiting access so much, but what can you do.

Just a passing thought from an old timer who wishes to play again. But I suppose I will have to become yet another missed opportunity for the playerbase to grow, instead offering my time and money to a competitor when it finally arrives. Hoping that Blue Protocol might offer some semblance to Vindictus combat, at least.

Hope everyone who can still play is enjoying the game, at least.



  • AimAndKillAimAndKill
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    I'm curious if you don't mind lag, why not VPN?
  • ArmageddalArmageddal
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    Because it's a bannable offence...
  • AbaddanAbaddan
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    edited July 28, 2020
    I've never heard of anyone actually being banned for VPN usage, I know several people that consistently play with a VPN and have for a long time now. With how popular VPNs are becoming game companies aren't going to have a choice but to basically look the other way unless they want to eventually ban a large portion of their player base, and no game wants to do that. However yes they do not support/allow VPN/proxy usage, so use at your own risk. I do agree the region lock needs to go away though, like a lot of things they're doing now does. Game had and imo still has great potential and were doing well when the new management for NA took over but now their kind of back to ignoring the player bases wishes and hindering their own game.