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Vindi-culous Screenshots Weekly Contest!

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Welcome to the first on going event, The Vindiculous Screenshot Contest!

Here's how it works:

- Reply with your top 3 awesome screenshots!
- Include the name of your character and server in the post.
- Every Monday I will choose 3 screenshots from different contestants. The screenshots will be chosen and featured on our Social Channels. (Facebook and Twitter)
- The lucky chosen winners will win 10k NX.

More rules!

- Turn off all UI when taking your screenshot.
- Action / Vista shots work best!
- Please, do not modify your screenshot, keep it RAW.
- Take the screenshot in the maximum resolution possible with max visual settings.
- Link to the high resolution image.
- Winning contestants will not be eligible to enter for 1 month<
(i.e The winning contestants from the first week of February will not be eligible to play again the first week of March.)

*By submitting your screenshot into this thread, you are allowing Nexon America to use this screenshot in any other promotion or marketing purposes.*

*Please only reply with 3 pictures at a time per day.*
*Keep all discussions out! This thread is only for your screenshot submissions.*
*NX prizes will be given out at the end of the month*