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Titles and Families?

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Hi, I'm a returning player. Can someone give me info. on "families" which is new to me. I read how titles are shared across all characters (some titles at least) but I don't seem to have any from my level 71 character on my new character. I keep discovering "new" titles with my new character. I'd hate having to grind all those titles again.


  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    i believe it works in that titles in the "ID Title" tab get shared within account. The titles that give stats give some of the stats to alternate characters like 80% or something until they are earned by the alternate themselves. If anyone knows how it works for sure feel free to add.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    I don't know exact number, but I'd say that most titles are account shared now, at least towards title count. Nonetheless, you will be still able to re obtain them on every character.