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Help catch me up to speed?

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edited January 19, 2020 in General Discussion
Havent played since dullahan came out. (Which btw what happened to dullahan i cant find the battle anymore?)
I have peeked the website a few times, seen a few things but mostly I see ALOT has changed. Can ya'll help me get up to speed on the new features.

They get rid of the free +11 +12 +13 coupon in seal shop? (i suppose it wasnt really free but still quite a surprise they had those coupons)

Whats this thing in the upper left corner about?

Sad to see my character whom i took years and lots of $$$ to get the +15 and other great gear i had be basically useless now.

All these new characters, whom are decent damage outputters? (for soloing)

and i see this game is still having stuttering in battle issues. Quite annoying..


  • john10john10
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    on the map if you click "story progression mode" it will help you skip through the story readings and moving to other npc a lot faster. on the top left hand corner is a gift for the giving dates.
  • TheDazzIingTheDazzIing
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    Read through all the updates since i last played. Didn't see anything on how the new crafting enhancement system works or what happened to those +11 +12 +13 coupons in seal shop..

    I miss the old vindictus, those were the fun days. Farming through s2 for thunder rings.... or when royal raids rare drop was 300m+ or having to work hard through story mode to level. Now its boring and too easy.
  • RhilinRhilin
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    There are still coupons but only for the dullahan gear. Dullahan should still be in Quick Battle, he was only nerfed in the period you haven't played.

    Reforging system is items above +10 can be reforged when they get destroyed. That means when they get destroyed after being brought back with AP, you can reforge them with some Damascus Steel, materials with which they were made and an enhancement rune then try enhancing them again with bonus %. This applies only up until +15.

    To acess the latest raids (Astera lv 100) along with the other stats you knew that you need to enter, you need a new one called Counter Force. CF is acquired when enhancing accessories lv 95 and 100. They do not break and stack up to +20 (but failing is still an option especially after +15). As other items you get bonus % upon each fail resulting in 100% upon 10 fails or so like the other gears and then being resent upon successful enhancement.