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Why korean and not the original voices?!

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edited December 23, 2019 in General Discussion
Why on earth would you give us the korean vocies, and the new English voices...

And the NOT give us the original voices... LIKE WE ASKED FOR?!
Literally the entire reason why people were upset... were because you took our character's original vocies away, and replaced them with inferior voices that made us uncomfortable.
More than 90% of the player base was unhappy with this change.

So your response is to... add the korean voices?
The ones that people who have been playing characters like Fiona and Lann NEVER had in this region for over 10 years?
What.... on Earth... is going through your Heads?
Why would you do that?
Were you not listening?

Everyone was complaining about the removal of the character's ORIGINAL voices. What in the world is this thought process?
We want the ORIGINAL voice overs back.

If you need a full voice pack. Whatever, mix in the English dialog, but put the original combat voices back.


  • TheDazzIingTheDazzIing
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    I disagree >:l
  • WhiteYukiiWhiteYukii
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    edited December 23, 2019
    The voices we had before the change were actually the original Korean voices, with the exception of Evie/Fiona/Lann and I think Karok (I don't play him)
    So in a sense yes they do let us switch voices, but the original Engilsh dub of the above 3 (or 4) characters have been permanently replaced by the new dub overs.

    I don't believe getting the original English dub over is possible due to those actors being long gone, and they need new VAs for the friend system. So yeah you win some, you lose some I guess....but I've Been trying to get this feature added to the game for literally over 7 years, I will take my fucken Ws from Nexon when I get the chance. We could try to get them to implement those ultra original dubs for those 4 chars but honestly that is unlikely.

    Edit: But I do want to say I feel you my guy. Just know, if Nexon never messed with the game so much (for no reason) when they brought it to the west, things like this wouldn't be a problem to begin with. Nexon's actions have consequences. Because they made stupid changes to the game 8+ years ago and ignored people on the issue for that length of time, the negative effect of that has finally caught up to them and unfortunately there will still be player casualties even after they tried to fix it. Some players (such as yourself) will have to suffer in order to fix **** that shouldn't have been a problem to begin with. Sorry man.

    Like I said before, Nexon = special kind.
  • FranBunnyFFXIIFranBunnyFFXII
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    Screw that I want my Fiona voice back. I refuse to play this game ever again without it.

    And dont give me the "but the old voice actors are gone" you have backup copies of the game's play states, stored, every company does this.
    I know for a fact they have the voices still in there. Give me them back please. Nexon. Please.
  • Returner9Returner9
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    You are soo bored. Get a life.
  • lightkitelightkite
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    Puberty is a b****.....
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    It's happening!
  • FranBunnyFFXIIFranBunnyFFXII
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    It's happening!

    That would be amazing.
    Playing with my original voice, I'd be so happy. And I just got some money, so I can splurg on some costumes.
  • SanuienSanuien
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    I want Evie KR voice :( since like day 1
  • BladeNsoulBladeNsoul
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    Make multi character voice option so player can choose what they like.