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Gold Junior Chieftain

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I just noticed the Gold Junior Chieftain event rewards you with the chieftain itself as well as the 'Gold-Plated Guardian' title. Sadly I won my Gold chieftain years ago via a similar event when the gold chieftain first was obtainable. I guess this title only applies to this event. So the only way myself, as well as others that previously obtained the chieftain will be able to obtain the title is by obtaining another gold chieftain?


  • LunaEversorLunaEversor
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    I believe that is correct. There is a topic on the old forum that has a few comments from people doing just that.

    Topic Link
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    I'm on "G" "L" "D". It pains me thinking of how much grinding I'll be doing for that damn "O" over this last week of the event.
  • DelterosDelteros
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    I have G, O , D .. not sure if I can get the last letter..
  • SaniteeSanitee
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    Still waiting for my first letter... : ^ )
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    hours and hours and hours of grinding later


    uuuuugggghhhh let's just say the climax was worth.

    And yes, you get another chieftain even if you got the previous title/gold chieftain.
  • KirraKirra
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    i like gold. I like cat. But most importantly.

    Bring gold chief beck.