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Anyone know the exact criteria of when trans comes up? What is it based on? (certain amount of exp? number of screens? ect.)


  • KarijunaKarijuna
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    Hover over the Transformation Skill with your mouse and you can see a little points display at the bottom of the description. Up to 100 points (1 stack of Transformation) are automatically generated over time and completing dungeons also grants some, up to 300 (3 stacks of Transformation), though I don't know the exact rates.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    Going off of what I've gathered

    1 per so many minutes.
    7 per dungeon clear.
    20 per dungeon clear IF it's a multi-boss dungeon such as Cadet Ceremony. (As long as there's 2+ bosses)
    20 per floor clear in Abyssal Arena
    100 per time your character levels up.
  • SixthSixth
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    The Fomorian Leader battle (Shakarr fight with 2nd trans) also gives 20 points, at least it did the last time I checked. No idea if they changed it or not.
    "New" Colru raid gives 20 points too, but I guess it's technically a multi-boss battle, so it's covered in the above post.

    You can check the available points for transformation at the bottom part of any transform related skill, so not just the transformation skill itself, but any other active skills listed under the Path tab of the skills menu.
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    Adding more info to cloakshire post

    -1 minute = 1 TP, and caps at 100/300
    - While its true that multiboss maps gives 20 TP, there's a bunch of maps that gives 20 and have a single boss. For example, every s2 and s3 map that aren't raids gives 20 TP. Same goes for a lot of entire areas such as ainle or hoarfrost hollow, excluding pseudoraids (shakarr is an exception).
    - Alban festival gives 7 TP per stage, for a total of 140 TP, however leaving the map after winning atleast 1 stage gives 7 TP (bug?), so the total becomes 147. Extra stages will also give 7 TP.
    - Pretty sure abyssal arena gives 220 TP instead of 200 TP, due the same bug as in alban where you get TP for leaving

    - Cadet ceremony: 20 TP, fast, mats for element stone, greatly helps in 30 boss guild mission
    - Shakarr: 20 TP, extremely fast, good AP
    - Abyssal arena: 220 TP, slow, seals, good AP
    - A friend once lost: 20 TP, very fast, s3 materials, high pet experience, infinite departures