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Skill Priority for Belle

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Alright, first things first follow the Characters Growth Goals before maxing anything else to obtain that much needed additional AP. Think something should be higher or lower? Think that my pictures are too tame compared to my previous guidebook? Tell me in the comments or PM me. +best still a work in progress as I get a better understanding of belle

Max First: (From Highest priority to lowest)EwpcA0G.png

Character Growth Goals: gotta tell you twice cause it's important but do you, you the boss. You got unlimited AP
Nature's Might: Its maxed once you get it, but it's super important cause you get to use DEFORESTATION and LANDSLIDE
Deforestation: Can cancel ALL animation, it blocks and it does big damage
Active: Landslide: An additional attack after Deforestation that can also block attacks and does MAXIMUM damage
Beaten Path and Shortcut: your dodge and your additional dodge
Wildfire: your 2nd smash, It also regens stamina. super useful
Flare-Up: your 2nd smash additional attack. It also regens stamina. FIGHT FOREVER MERCENARY
Critical Hit: more crit
Smash Mastery: more smash damage
Armor and Battle Axe Mastery: Max as you go
Broken Cleft: your 3rd smash
Gaping Chasm: your 3rd smash additional chasm
Campfire: think of your allies, love your allies. Plus you max it anyways because of Character growth goals.

High Priority: (From Highest priority to Lowest)wpqtY0o.png

Active: Volcanic Blast: it gives stamina, has great damage and the whole animation has I-FRAMES
Active: Whipping Wind: can flinch a boss in most cases and restore stamina
Rushing River: Actives will have their cooldown reduced by 30seconds, so spam that Landslide. Plus it does big damage
Brush fire: your 1st smash, it just used to combo into your 3rd smash(debating to put this into medium priority, will finalize once I hit lv 100)

Medium Priority: (Order doesn't really matter)YFeGBRa.png

Combat Mastery: negligible

Strength Mastery: (Leave it at rank A) and max it later when you got some AP to spare
Agility Mastery: (leave at rank A)
Willpower Mastery: (Leave at A) Max it later. It does give you a critical stat when you reach certain Willpower thresholds.
HP Potion Proficiency: (Depends) You chug a lot of Pots? Rank it up

Low Priority: (order really doesn't matter)5JMm2yf.png

Battle Respiration: can be left at rank A forever
Active: Extinction: it's your lockdown skill.
Biting Wind: your zero smash, like most zero smash it not good
Defense Mastery: More defense
Health Mastery: More Health
Life Flare: can save your life though
Battle Respiration: (Leave it at rank A) Out of combat stamina regen.
Stamina Mastery: Your stamina regen smash got you cover
Standing endurance: You can rank it to rank 9 if you want to roll immediately after being knocked down.
Meditation: AP while AFK

rank it to show your absolute superiority over others or you know, don'tBROqnYM.png

Secondary Weapon prof: sometimes I forget we have this
Stone Skin: have you heard of our lord and savior Karok?
Intelligent Mastery: (No)

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