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Halloween Events!

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edited October 3, 2019 in General Discussion
Hello just throwing out some suggestions to the people running the game. Could we see some Halloween related events from previous years make a comeback, like the Halloween outfitters being on sale?
Or maybe the return of the pumpkin carving contest?

I own the vampire slayer outfitter (I got it from the last carving contest, in fact, lol) and I've had people compliment the top in particular and say they want it. And I'd just personally enjoy carving another pumpkin for a contest.


  • Sw33tSSw33tS
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    That pumpkin carving contest brings back some really good memories, even though I didn't participate in game, I did irl for my younger cousins elementary school. She did most of the work though. And also, the vampire slayer outfit looks cool as heck, would love to see that back at some point.
  • AkimbojoeAkimbojoe
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    Did someone say "pumpkin carving contest"?! I would LOVE another one. I made a thread last year asking if we were going to have one, but... we didn't get one.

    Last year they did one for Maple Story 2, buuuuuuut I don't play that game. Would love to carve another Vindi pumpkin.

    I did Winner #1 (Servant of Hell) and the Trump pumpkin in that thread OP linked. Here were my pumpkins for last year.


    I like carving pumpkins.

    C'mon Nex, give your fans a reason to create stuff for Vindi.