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Is there something I'm missing?

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Restoration ap costs are super low, so why does the 50% coupon cost so many tickets?

Also, typo in the Wpn Chunk box on the event page.


  • SixthSixth
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    Why do steels usually, erm, I mean always cost tons of coupons/tickets/whatevers? We need 20 to 60 times more to reforge a lvl 100 equip, so getting 3 from an event with giant coupon cost is just as low as these scrolls.
    80 (or something like that, forgot the number) daily tickets for a soap?
    Ohh, and have you seen the new addition to the triumph medal shop? 540 for a lvl 95 chunk box... How many weeks is that? Yeah, totally worth it.

    Don't look for logic in these, because you won't find any. They just added some items there to fill the space, I guess.
  • YomaYoma
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    Well if you restore a +14 Armor every 2 days it can get costy, but ya dont look for reason in those shops. not to mention that everything expires which makes it useless for alrdy fully geared player.
  • IntoHellIntoHell
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