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S> Event Coupons (+11 Enh/+12 Acces / +1* Quality)

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edited September 18, 2019 in North American Marketplace Auctions

Price: 50m
Stock: 10+ / Sold: 0
Note: Unbinds included

Price: 60m
Stock: A few / Sold: x10 (Reserved atm)
Note: Unbinds Included

Price: 20m (lowered x1)
Stock: Sold out / Sold: 14 (9 Reserved)
Note: If u want 4* > 5*, u MUST cover the unbinds cost (x2)
Bonus: If u do 4* > 5* on a acces, u get the +12 Access Coupon adding 10m

Service Vouch by: Totem (+1* Quality x2) - Skye (+1* Quality x3)
NOTE: If i sold to u some of the coupons, i will note ur IGN here. If u did it in the past and wanna leave a vouch, i will appreaciate it a lot! Im doing this to show that i am trust seller of these services (i did it a lot of times, always safe but i totally understand if u have doubts :) ).

The services -per coupon- can take 10-15 minutes due to the IP restriction changes (modem duh +haha)
I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THE SALE AT ANYTIME - in case of any eventual situation -
B.O. = end sale, cod to the buyer -or through mp-
The sale can be delayed if theres no unbinds avaliable in mp, buyer and i will find a way to get them.

Thats all,

IGN: AimHack

PS: sry for the pics quality, im just lazy to fix them haha


  • AimHackAimHack
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    Lowered the price of quality. Wont do 5* things cuz i dont have unbinds to cover them. If u wants it, must cover the x2 unbind potion + quality service.
  • AimHackAimHack
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    edited June 26, 2019
    * +1* Quality Coupons All Sold (or reserved).
    * About +11 Coupons left, prob will use them. Why? I see that isnt fair for me and the buyer the current sale price, think that i must cover the unbind cost and didnt expect the prices went crazy like now. So, i prefered to dont "take advantage of u" and dont sell more +11 coupons than to sell them with overpriced prices.
    * Last Sale Week.
  • Kisame79Kisame79
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    Are you still selling the quality coupons? If so i am interested :).
  • AimHackAimHack
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    This sale ended long time ago. U can see the coupon expiration days -mb didnt update this-
    Sale Ended.