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Been a long time.

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This game has changed a lot from the Cbt and season 1-2 days.

Acquiring gear is streamlined till level 90 or so, can't really craft gear with fergus anymore < bummer >, ap shop that's kinda nice that i never used, everything being a breeze and no hard mode and macha settings < another bummer but i can deal with if because of all the characters in game now but it's a snooze fest to level stuff >.

Not sure how they handle streaming things since.. i haven't watched a stream since Zoltar days, or how the forum mods are anymore. < I stopped using the forums around the time they got changed to how they are now >.

Glad that they fixed the lag issue that was around during season 2 days < i think they did ? might not of because of the lower player base then what it was before > it used to suck during the timed events that u had to be logged in for and then u get dc'd, not being able to get it happened once or twice to me was a lil disappointing .

Not sure how new weapon crafting works because i haven't had to delve into it yet but, a lot more complicated then it used to be ! < same for armor, i never did professions even though i should >.

I still remember my biggest regret with this game, deleting my cbt Lann...... idiot age 15 me had the 1000 iq to delete him for a character slot. R.i.p "early bird" title

I still have my headcrab and combine mask, sadly i sold my crowbars ages ago.... regret that as well ! Same for my gnoll chieftain hood ! Only thing i got to show how old my account is, is the Pwned by glados title and my 2012 pumpkin title < plus all the old items i have from old events >

Almost been 10 years with this game, it has had many downs and a bit of ups but glad to see it's still alive. < even if the player base wasn't what it used to be >

Most people probably don't recognize me but, for those who do thanks for all the memories from the forums/ in game c: !