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I love vindictus

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and so should you



  • sadrazamsadrazam
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    Who the fock do you think you are telling me what to do. Looking for trouble?
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    edited July 11, 2019
  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    i do too! :)
  • ColdKiller1003ColdKiller1003
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    vindictus is definitely a fun game to play. not mentioning its faults, and it has alot of them. the base experience of it is fun.
  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    I also love it
    Though there are moments that it's just depressing

    Missed yesterdays log in tried to catch it this morning remembered that they changed the day reset time to 2am
    I just immediately closed the game didn't even wait for today's thing to finish
    This kind of thing has been happening more and more often for me

    The game is so unoptimized that even starting it up is becoming a chore
    The amount of issues with this alone is STAGGERING
    1. I have to start it up twice in succession on steam or else it won't load
    2. Sometimes steam will think that i'm still playing on the first try so i have to task manager it and relog in
    3. It takes about 5 mins to get to the log in screen
    4. If i let it sit on the log in screen for about 5 mins it'll forget who I am and I'll have to restart back to issue 1
    5. It's my Birthday today Just making sure you're actually reading this also it really is
    6. It flips over to character selection with a total of 30 frames not per second in about 5 seconds
    7. it takes about 3 mins to load after selecting a character
    8. My computer's screen freaks the heck out if I ever Tab in some cases leaving lasting visual distortions until I turn the screen off and back on
    9. The Fps is hilariously low(in some cases being a cool 10FPS but normally bouncing around 20-50) considering I can play up to Soulcalibur 6 on 4K60fps with no issues

    Then when I do finally bring myself to get it started I just run the same 13ish "battles"(as they last the entirety of 3-10mins each)
    in hopes of luck to finally be on my side so that I can join that 14th 15th and 16th battle

    Not to mention the fact that they have been putting use by timers on event items as of recent
    I've lost about 7 PERMANENT inner armors and hairs because of that(it's not like I participated in the event and should be able to enjoy my reward when I want)
    which prompts me to just stop playing again

    Honestly I really do love the game
    I just want it to love me back

    Anyway I'll probably log in for the forge mistress package...or I won't... once again Orz
  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    edited July 16, 2019
    ^A lot of those sound like issues pertaining to your computer set up rather than the game itself. I know plenty who don't have any of those issues and other like you with some of those but not all. You have to remember this game is from 2010 and is not optimized for the advances in computer tech since and some set ups have no compatibility for older software.

    (they could optimize it for current tech but nexon puts like basically zero future investment in vindy right now)
  • aylbdraylbdr
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    edited July 20, 2019
    Bugs happen in games. Even just as someone who makes mods for Elder Scrolls games I know this as a fact, and have to go back sometimes and fix things when I spot them, or someone else spots them and lets me know about it. It's just normal upkeep and why there are testers, etc.

    @Sir_Render: Have you tried turning off multicore in game options?

    Ohs yea, I love this game too, and so say all of us. It needs to be more new player friendly though. A long time ago you could blame part of that on the community maybe, but most of the people left here now are good people these days, many are very helpful and most if not really friendly are decent towards others. And quite a large portion of the people here are awesome imo. So that's not really an issue, and it seems that the real heart of the problem was never that either.

    But newer players often get sick of having crap luck all of the time. Quite a few things have been addressed to make us veteran players more happy, and I am grateful for these changes, but they aren't listening to the new players who would've stuck around if luck hadn't been so hard on them. That's why having bots sell us a bunch of end game gears will help balance a ruined economy, but it won't help the new player feel like the game is fun in as far as finding some nice stuff goes.

    Even in a game like this you want some sort of exploration, the possibility of finding something shiny.
  • Returner9Returner9
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    I love Vindictus too, but it means nothing when Vindictus doesn't have any competition. I know that Dragon Nest, C9 and Soul Worker (and now dead Kritika) are supposed to be "similar", but contrary to popular opinion, I don't find any of them similar to Vindictus at all. Same goes for TERA, which people keep suggesting as an alternative to Vindictus. I don't find any of these games even remotely close to Vindictus in terms of combat. And - unpopular opinion - I don't find them "actiony" either. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who thinks that Vindictus is in its own category standing alone with no competitors at all.

    The only games that ever felt truly similar to Vindictus were Asker (the closest), followed by RaiderZ and Dragons Dogma Online. All of which are now dead. It reminds me of that scene from Scary Movie "Everyone around you is dying", because any game that ever came close to Vindictus is dead.

  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    ^people often compare it to monster hunter too or a single player action rpg like dark souls in terms of combat.
  • RizzleRizzle
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    vindictus is okay...
    but have you heard of this game called sleep?
    it is sooooo good.
    legit - i cant go a day without playing it...i wont go a day without playing it
    its just so....unggh!...
    yeah - like that
  • JamesGrossJamesGross
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    lol Why do people always insist on complaining about game performance and are in complete denial about their crappy ass computer. cuz I never have any problems that they typically described.
  • RizzleRizzle
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    JamesGross wrote: »
    lol Why do people always insist on complaining about game performance and are in complete denial about their crappy ass computer. cuz I never have any problems that they typically described.

    not the computer, but sometimes connection...in fact alot of times its connection, over the years i've known plenty of players with beter machines than me who cant see certain attacks - lako spit, muir spit, cant see lughs orbs, etc

    <current spec: ryzen 2700x, 32g, 1080ti, ssd