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New player, picked Hurk and need some advice

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in Hurk
So I'm new to Vindictus, level 98 atm and I've been playing Hurk and solo. I've been trying to learn as I go, but since info is scarce and kinda out of date I haven't felt that clued in. I've been trying to do what Hurk does, keeping Awakening stacks unless it's for Execution, dodging into the boss to deflect,etc but I still feel that when it comes to combos, what moves to use and how to generally play in bosses still eludes me. Plus, since Vindictus doesn't follow the standard MMO rotation system I'm quite confused about all this lol.


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    Your main smashes in the rotation will be execute, crescent, and full moon. For your dodge, try to not rely on your charge (directional dodge) but only blockade (neutral dodge) by itself as it offers the most perfect frames and is extremely forgiving when it comes to timing. You can chain it together with normals (L) which can be cancelled almost immediately into another blockade allowing you to time your absorbs to match the boss combo.

    Ideally, you would go space -> smash (execute) -> space -> smashx2 (crescent then full moon) and repeat as your sandbag rotation. With your excess sp, you use ultimatum to cancel the hit drag at the end of full moon in order to loop back to your combo quicker while doing a bit of damage.

    This will look like: space -> smash (execute) -> space -> smashx2 -> (ultimatum immediately after full moon hits) -> smash -> smash (execute)

    However, getting full moon off isn't always viable so in those scenarios, you would whiff a normal after crescent and go back to your initial combo chain.

    This will look like: space -> smash -> space -> smash -> normal then repeat.

    The general idea is to line up each of your dodges with the boss attacks and smash it inbetween its attacks in a combo to dump your revenge stack asap onto your next smash. The combo chains are just what you will try to imitate in an ideal scenario, so don't worry if you end up using dodge a few times between smashes to absorb an attack for example. Also don't panic if your combo resets, you can go back into execute immediately after the first dodge so you aren't losing too much damage from missing the crescent.

    The rotation is quite simple as you are essentially cycling through 3 different smashes, the most difficult part is how and when you link them together relative to a raid boss combo.

    For sp skills:

    Berserk and Execution you prioritize with Execution best stacked with a parry for the additional 50% dmg increase from onslaught. With those 2 skills on cooldown, you sink all remaining sp into ultimatum cancelling the hit drag on your full moons until Berserk and Execution come off their cooldown and repeat.