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The 2 Little Yapping Dogs...

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Seriously?...Really?...Do they really seriously need to follow us everywhere? I mean i would hardly notice them but for that incessant yapping...bark!...bark!...barkbarkbark! We go into the pool for buffs & turn around & theres a Dogsub (my name for them when their in the pool because only the ears stick up outta the water similar to a submarines periscope) & we cant even get a moments peace by ducking into the Inn, they follow us in & keep barking. I mean they do know their not real dogs right? Its like their barking so we'll go play with them & i have tried to, they umm...dont play well & turns out neither do i...but thats another story altogether...NEXON, cant you muzzle them permanently or at least rewrite their algorythms so they go quiet inside the inn?...


  1. Do These 2 Puppies Get On Your Nerves?27 votes
    1. Hell Yes, Im Not Deaf...
       37% (10 votes)
    2. Heck No, Who Could Dislike Them...
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  • KatlynnKatlynn
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    edited May 29, 2019
    Well you can always make them follow you inside the Inn, once you are in, just exit it while talking to any of the npcs inside the Inn, you'll teleport outside the Inn and the pups will be trapped in there.
  • JamesGrossJamesGross
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    We can always have KRUNK cook them and eat them.
  • chitakachitaka
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    I would appreciate these dogs more if the constant barking was stopped. following you can get annoying but the barking is way over the top and it has for me for years now. yea they can be trapped in the inn until you leave town for any reason at all.
  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    Oh.... this thread again.
  • BatSnacksBatSnacks
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    I've played this game since 2009. Im sick to death of those 2 mutts as well. The only thing we can do is, as Katlynn mentioned above, lead them into the Inn and exit (trapping them inside). My advice is to settle in any of the other Towns (Rocheste, Malina, Berbe) while questing.

    If you're hanging out in Colhen, stay in the docks area after coming back from a mission as it won't trigger them to follow you until you pass through the town gate.
  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    I got one as a pet awhile back and I'm pretty happy
    I used to play wit them whenever I got bored though they should probably be big dogs by now and have MORE PUPPIES
  • Lois_LaneLois_Lane
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    Those yappy dogs are a pita.
    How about: when you get to level, say, 50, you get the option to mute them?