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S> Astera Armor Parts 5* +10 *All Sold/Closed*

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edited June 12, 2019 in North American Marketplace Auctions
Title ^

All Set: S.O. 500m / B.O. 600m (decided to sell per parts)
Each Part: S.O. 120m / B.O. 130m
2 Parts: S.O. 210m / B.O. 220m
3 Parts: S.O. 320m / B.O. 340m

Sale Update:
Helm and Boots Reserved (not anymore in sale atm)
Pants Avaliable: c.o. 120m (ends today)
All Sold
Lowered Prices x1
Gloves Reserved
Tunic Reserved

I will set a deadline depending on the situation of the sale - number of buyers bidding, etc -
I will set the first deadline after the first offer ! -Can be changed ^ -
I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THE SALE AT ANYTIME - in case of any eventual situation -
B.O. = end sale, cod to the buyer -or through mp- . Im not expecting to reach B.O (if i got it, good! ofc)
The sale can be delayed if theres no unbinds avaliable in mp, buyer and i will find a way to get them.

Thats all,

IGN: AimHack

PS: sry for the pics quality, im just lazy to fix them haha