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Selling Succubus Wing's Jacket/Top

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edited June 17, 2019 in North American Marketplace Auctions
I'm trying to sell a Succubus Wings Jacket for Women. Taking offers, but anything close to 150m each is what I hope for.
Also selling a Santa's Helper hoodie for Women, if anyone still wants that, looking for 60mil on it. No santa outfits released last year, don't wait and just buy mine. xD

As a side note, I'm also looking to buy a +12 Dullahan Glaive and 67 145 232 blue dyes from event (or similar dyes).

Whisper me in-game @ LokiProdigy/Sw33tS in-game or send me a message through mailbox if you've them or wanna buy any of my items... TY