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Constantly interupted mid combo

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in Eira
Wanted to know if anybody had this issue playing alone or in group, one major issue i'm having with Eira is how i'm constantly getting interupt mid combo whenever i'm fighting a boss. Half the time i just get slammed since i'm stuck in a combo and with no ability to cancel or dodge during it.
Is it a common thing for some character since, so far, i only played Lynn and Miri and those 2 have (i dont know how it's commonly refered to) active defensive and dodge more easily mid combo rather than being stuck.


  • VivieVivie
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    I'm having the same problem too. Hope they'll fix the issue in the upcoming.
  • JessGameJessGame
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    Im not 100% sure my comment covers the point you where making,but as for now i observed that we need to use the portal move to be able to create openings and instances that are long enough for us to exploit our smashes properly(against bosses,especially solo mode).

    So that would be the TAB move and sometimes Chaos Warp.

    The last point...it might take you a little more time to learn this,but with practice,you can (stone frame) some of the bosses moves if you have enough defensive attributes to not get yourself incapacitated.It's only with trial and errors on each boss that you will know,when your attacks will get interupted and when it will not.

    I know moves such has Bullet Hail have decent stone frames potential.

    But ya,in general its better to get an optimal Mana managment and use the teleportation skills to get yourself on the bosses dead angles.So as long as you land your smashes and sometime use your (Active:Mana Phase/Flux Rounds),you should have enough Mana to keep using the teleportation.

    I personally rarely ever start a combo with the (normal hit) sequences,when it comes to fighting a boss.MiuL naturally has long animation phases,but the teleportation makes up for it very well,i think.