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What weapons would you like to see?


  • GhengisJohnGhengisJohn
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    Spear and shield
    and Meteor Hammer

    Spring to my mind.
  • FioGermiFioGermi
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    Three-section staff
    Coconut gun
  • DzeikorDzeikor
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    huge freakin hammer,like it was in vindictus a long long time ago when it launched
  • ordinaryabnormalityordinaryabnormality
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    Dzeikor wrote: »
    huge freakin hammer,like it was in vindictus a long long time ago when it launched

    hurk's 3rd weapon :o
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    False arm/weapon
    Since it seems to be trending to have a multipurpose fake arm (MGS V, Sekiro, Devil May Cry : Devil breaker, Marvel's Winter soldier, Ash's chainsaw arm from Evil Dead, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex, Guts from Berserk, Inspector Gadget, Beret and Vincent from FFVII)
    Let have a guy who has gimmick arm special attacks
    - A rocket punch
    - Chainsaw
    - Grapple hook dodge
    - Cannon
    - SP Hold will be god hand, where he set to his arm to overload and goes one punch mode on boss.

    Didn't we have a sketch up of someone with robo arms?
  • JathyJathy
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  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    Mabinogi style Martial Arts (Delia)
    Chainsaw Great Axe(Delia/Miri)
    Dragon Claws(Miri)
  • TwlnTwln
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    edited April 3, 2019
    Dzeikor wrote: »
    huge freakin hammer,like it was in vindictus a long long time ago when it launched

    hurk's 3rd weapon :o

    I remember o.O Wasnt that Karok"s concept?

    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    Maybe a topic about what kind of moveset they would get would be more practical, otherwise we would end up with disasters like teide and whip.
    I actually agree . Teide and Whip looks really bad imo
  • sadrazamsadrazam
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    Large halberd:
    plays flashy like glaive but focuses on wide horizontal smash attacks(and some vertical) doesn`t swing it like a little girl.
    Large hammer:
    New class or replace fionas hammer with a large one and change her play style, her current hammer she bought at the DIY store sucks and playstyle is too similar to long sword. Lets be honest. Its basically an inferior long sword. U know what? just make gnoll chieftain a playable character.
    Longsword 2 handed
    Fiona having the ability to 2 hand her long sword, increasing attack speed. There is no class that uses a normal sword like this. They either have dual swords, one hand it or use oversized swords. We need a Brienne of tarth. Play style: watch briene of tarth fight the hound and mix it with geralt of rivia fight style. Can be an entire new class.
    Play like pillar but his smashes shoot canon balls, annihilating everything in its way.
    Eira`s dad cheated on her mother with some woman overseas and she now has a sister that uses ak47 , rpg, c4 and can call in thermonuclear airstrikes. You have to craft ammo at fergus and practice nuclear fusion with brynn or dianann.
    Remember the Witch King`s ball mace flail? That`s whats up.
    Spears, spikes, pikes, lances
    Fast gameplay. Long stabby smashes that cover great distance.Weapon has sweetspots does more damage when hit with the tip.