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UI lag is worse after update?

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edited November 23, 2016 in Tech Support
Is it just me or UI lag is getting worse after today's update? I ran a few raids today and the lag is very noticeable (there was lag before too, but not as bad),
I disabled the UI and game runs smooth as butter, anyone feel the same?


  • MonohaMonoha
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    Yeah, I'm noticing quite a bit of lag while running Nilfheim.
  • ZezeZeze
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    i disabled it everytime ._.
    for me its just unplayable when i enabled it. rip
  • DonryuDonryu
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    edited November 23, 2016
    Yeah nice job testing there patch .
  • ZuzukZuzuk
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    I lost an average of 20 fps with this update, thats a LOT D:<
    and dont even try to blame my CPU, im running the Volcano FX 9590
  • ErivankovErivankov
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    i have played this game for almost 3 years
    but disable UI to make this game playable is not acceptable anymore
  • ZezeZeze
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    i wonder if this UI lag also an ongoing issue in KR
    i have never seen any youtube video that their game freeze for a moment while boat prologue ._.
  • jjXjjX
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    edited November 24, 2016
    2 patches ago: 30 fps in town. 15 fps in battle. 15 fps returning to town.

    1 patch ago: 30 fps in town. 10 fps in battle. 15 fps returning to town.
    Learned to play without UI. Appears to be 20+fps without UI. I can't tell because the number disappears.

    Today: 30 fps in town. 1 fps in battle. 1 fps returning to town.
    Boat launches before I load in 100% of time. Black screen for 60 seconds returning to town.
    Can still run things without UI, but I kinda need the UI to start a battle.

    So yes, it's been getting worse for a while. There must be horribly inefficient invisible layers in Battle UI that don't free their memory when they should.

    (shrug} If Nexon's intention is to make me upgrade my computer, it's not working. No other game in my library behaves like this, so I'll go play one of those instead.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited November 24, 2016
    I'm not falling for the upgrade your pc argument either. Aside from the game being super fun one of the main reasons I stuck with it was that my budget pc could run it around 40fps and I was able to host 4 player runs all these years, even with the old UI. I've had to give up on pvp because I can't even load in until about 30 seconds to a minute after free/siege has started, and in arena my choppy animations are just annoying for both myself and my opponent. I don't even play Kai anymore, who I would still consider my main, because I can't keep an eye on his cooldowns when I try xgun and the animations send my already trash fps into the single digits. When I load onto boats after this update, I'm sometimes stuck watching a 1fps slideshow of the camera switching between normal view and some freaky angle from inside my Karok's face where I can see his tongue, what the HECK

    Is it possible there's remnants of that feature that uses boat launch screenshots to create forum avatars in the code, in our game? At least, I think I read about other regions having something like that. It's just such an odd place to have people freezing consistently.

    I want to do whatever I can to help them get to the bottom of these issues (I'm sure the rest of us do too), but the communication has been almost nonexistent - but thanks Ehgess for actually popping into my bug reporting thread at least address part of the issue.
  • BluntForceBluntForce
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    its a conspiracy theory.. they are slowly kicking out players with low spec PC, like me..
  • CriminyCriminy
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    edited November 24, 2016
    The only new stuff in the UI I noticed is the favorites bar and the timer bar in the top left for the dice. Since the favorites bar doesn't update unless the player adds to it, I'd guess the culprit is the Gallagher timer. It would be a waste of resources to have it constantly check if the time limit has been reached or whether it should show visual bar progress and I doubt they would have coded it ike that in the first place. They probably just reached the limit on what they could have on the UI at the same time and the timer pushed it past limit too much. I'd also wager a guess that they were fully aware of this hence the very tiny non-intrusive size of the timer itself. Seems like a conscience effort to make it as minimal as possible.
  • WilkoWilko
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    jjX said:

    Learned to play without UI. Appears to be 20+fps without UI. I can't tell because the number disappears.
    Some programs like MSI Afterburner allow you to overlay a FPS counter while you're playing so you don't have to rely on the in-game one.

    I've seen plenty of unexplained FPS drops in Vindictus's lifetime. I don't expect anything to change.

    Edit: Vindictus hitches pretty badly whenever I move items to different slots in storage with an NPC's crafting window open.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    Just posting my own experience: nothing changed for me. Everything seem fine, my FPS is stable in Abyssal Arena, joined some 8 man raids and it was smooth.
  • elcausaelcausa
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    While not hosting seems about the same to me, hosting was a 10-20 fps nerf tho,
  • YuYuSoulYuYuSoul
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    I haven't tried joining boats only cause it was easier for me to host than to wait for a boat. But as for hosting, my fps dropped by 15-20. The lag is hard to play with and I must disable my entire UI.
  • jjXjjX
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    Achievement unlocked.
    Load into the boat after the boss died, and snag a rare item.

    Man I feel terrible. I guess a daily cbh can still net me a scroll right? I have 30 days?
    Gnight I guess. Tell me when S3 mats return to reasonable.
  • AnthonytonyboyAnthonytonyboy
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    Every new patch, makes worst and less fps, always makes me I thinking about koreans have their PC are
    5x more powerful than our PC... how is hell we can play if they keep adding more powerful game for
    only master race PC koreans :( I think that we need to buy NASA PC, I guess that it doesn't solve anyway.

  • WhirlinDeathWhirlinDeath
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    edited November 25, 2016
    Just checked with fraps, i win around 25 fps with UI off... My rig handle deus ex makind divided and black desert on ultra at 60 fps but give me around 30 fps on medium in vindictus with UI on. Also have constant hiccup and slutter.Playing without knowing your hp,stam and sp is pretty dumb so fk that. Fix your fking game devcat.
  • TheDozenOneTheDozenOne
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    edited November 26, 2016
    yes i am also having some lag.... usually sitting around 22 fps on medium settings too
  • NorithNorith
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    It's getting worse and worse by every update. Performance is dropping drastically and I have to play with 20-30 fps in raids. It's annoying!
    So the next 1-2 future updates will completely freeze the game? Yeah, I'm waiting for it.
    Here is my spec:
    i7-950 @ 3.2 Ghz
    8 GB RAM
    GTX 1060 6 GB @ 2.1 Ghz
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    I still can play with 30-40 fps while hosting and activating UI, to me the blackcipher is much worse, used to play with fps dropped to nearly zero when blackcipher started going nuts and that thing havent got fixed for years.