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with character is easiest to play?


  • _Kale_Kale
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    Miri is a well-rounded class with high dps, but not significantly more survivable than Kai.
    I can only judge Miul based on gameplay I've seen, but her portal seems to have generous iframes (on top of her normal dodge and block). Her bread and butter attacks are pretty fast, so she can react quickly to boss attacks and should be pretty safe.
  • AbaddanAbaddan
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    Easiest to play and do dps with less gear than other characters require to reach the same dps:
    1. Kai (bow = easier+more dmg. vs Xgun)
    2. Miri (One of most survivable, and easy learning curve.)
    3. Vella (Both weapons aren't difficult to deal dps with. Chains are a little easier but swords aren't difficult either.)
    4. Lynn (blute has a slight learning curve but is still easy to deal dmg. Glaive also deals pretty decent dps but not as easy as blute to deal dmg and survive.)
    5. Arisha (Easy to survive with and still can put out really solid dps.)
    6. Hurk (Tiede does OK but can be hard to live with in late game. Greatsword just kind of outclasses it all around.)
    7. Delia (Easy to live with and still do consistant dmg.)
    8. Karok (Pillar easy to survive with, until late game like redeemers. Cestus does more dmg but is more RNG based with Big Bang rotation being his main source of dps.)
    9. Sylas (easy to live with but doesn't deal insane dmg.)
    10. Fiona (not very mobile but still does some of the best dps in redeemers, depending on party and how much they run the bosses around. Longsword is better. Large shield is useless and has been for a long time now.)
    11. Evie (Staff if you know how to play still does solid dps, for me more so than Scythe, Both have solid dodges.)
    12. Lann (Swords are easy to live with but don't do insane dps but can certainly hold their own. Spears are hardest thing to play in the game and deal dps with, can do well but takes the most time to get really good with, spears are also not that mobile similar to Fiona.)

    In general the older characters that were around beta time (Evie, Fiona, Lann, Karok.) are harder to actually deal damage with than the new characters. With the exception of Sylas not dealing insane dps like the other newer characters. Kai is easiest to play and deal dmg with atm. While 2-6 are pretty close together. 7-8 are close together, and the last 4 are somewhat close together. All characters have a learning curve. Some are far easier than others. All characters have certain rotations and cool downs you have to keep in mind to maximize dps and are harder to pull off in fast pace raids than others. Pick a character you think you will enjoy and have fun with them, and practice them, don't worry too much about dmg and just enjoy playing the game. I main Cestus Karok so I know the most about him, but I have also played almost all the other characters/weapon variants besides Grimden which is why I left him off the list, but from what I've seen looks fairly easy to live with but doesn't do crazy dps. Cestus is somewhere around middle of the pack for dps but is what I enjoy to play the most. I enjoyed playing him the most even when cestus was the bottom of the barrel for dps for a while. This list is more or less how the characters fall based off my experience with the game over the passed 8 years.
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    but how i survive macha elchulus or neamhain...?

    these bosses is yolo

    once you die just what you can is wait for full party wipe or hope they defeat a boss
  • AeledingAeleding
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    If your only goal is to survive just pick delia, she can be a bit frustrating damage wise (not being able to land certain combos if you lack speed)
    But dodge + block rinse and repeat is a very strong survival kit.
  • sadrazamsadrazam
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    Don`t listen to the people recommending bow kai because hurr durr easy range durrrr. With kai you have to position a lot and you stand still a lot for your skills. It can be hard, special when boss decides to go after you. In solo bow is hardest class.
    Easiest classes are:
    sword fiona
    sword vella
    pillar karok
    cestus karok, altough he has less absorb frames than pillar its still good.
  • NautimPortantNautimPortant
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    I've played every characters a considerable amount of time and here is my advice.

    Sword Fiona is the safest bet and will earn you the more. She almost always been the highest damage dealer. Higher damage in parties means more loot. It's ridiculous how she changed since season 1. She can be played extremely offensive now. She has insane survivability, a decent dodge(without iframes) and all of her SP skills are useful. So, don't think her as a passive tank character. You have shield deflection to cancel your amaranth kicks into another amaranth kick and enhance their damages even further.

    Other than that, Hurk(Greatsword) is a pretty solid choice as well. Again, very high dps and unique abilites like life steal and not dependant on stamina(most improtant one imo). So, you'll be damaging bosses while your friends are wasting their SP or waiting for their stamina fill up. He's also quite easy to play with huge absorb frames on his dodges. Both characters have very offensive playstyle but Hurk might get repetitive with his smash rotations.

    These are the prime female and male character i always recommend if you are looking for an easier time in this game. With them you'll still deal decent damage even if you play passive.
  • rondomizarondomiza
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    ...while your friends are wasting their SP or waiting for their stamina fill up....
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    so think i pick miri

    love dragons