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Pet BS

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edited March 26, 2019 in General Discussion
So they raise the pet cap for no reason, dope. Now they make titles for pets for more money grab, and then proceed to offer no way to actually obtain half of the pets or older pets from years and years ago or events. Solid logic if I do say so myself.


  • FlameSama1FlameSama1
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    Gotta finesse those whales I guess. Still, they've made changes in this game that can only be described as desperate. Scrolling "PLEASE BUY OUR GACHAPON BOXES" in the middle of missions springs to mind. And yeah, encouraging people to pay a lot of actual money to get pet titles is pretty sickening.
  • MeerakuMeeraku
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    I can't wait for Nexon to be sold off. I just hope EA isn't who grabs them cuz then we'll see a lot more Gachas and other attempts to cash in on whales and players.
  • sadrazamsadrazam
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    Lmao you make a post on this acting all surprised and how its money grab yadi yada, as if no one including you knows Nexon and that they always come up wit bs like this. Do what everyone else does and just bend over for nexon and play the game. Buy their gachapons etc.
  • RakushuRakushu
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    yeah, they start selling title too, $6 on the last sales, and now asking for $9 for the Spring Epaulet Package
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    Just like the emblems, I don't think its intended to get all the pets. The only real reason I can see for someone to obsess with this new feature is if they want to obtain partholon titles faster, since pets give an antiquity point boost. Victorious footstep skill on s1 and s2 maps is not that great, because the best maps of these seasons are single bosses and you will not get the movespeed boost.