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Some questions... I missed so much

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Havent been ingame for an eternity.
Most of my equipment I could replace with the +12 Regina Stuff for returning players. Just getting to 38k Battlepower and 207 Tech.
With these stats I can barely join any of the new raids.

Where can i farm some money to get better equipment?
Most of the old stuff is nearly worthless...

What else did I miss? Is there some new content that can raise my stats, new equipment type or so?


  • SatsueSatsue
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    Farming for materials for element stones is always an option for money. You can also get some scrolls like Passion from Season 2 raids to get some bonus gold.
  • AeledingAeleding
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    Royal raids, chunk farming, element stone farming (annwyn for spirit magic powder, spiders/bear for catalyst) or regina to rupacitus raids are pretty alright to earn money at your level of gear. If you don't mind toxicity from certain players, onslaught is the best way to earn money, albeit very grindy and time-consuming if you don't get full queues fast...

    As for content that gives you stats, only ein lacher and redeemers give you good stats (bal, crit, att)

    And about equipment, if you want to join new raids at one point, you'll have to either get high-enhanced dulla gear, or go straight for astera. Also you'll have to get some of the new accessories and enhance them (don't go above +10-+15 though, going above is a waste of money)
  • IntoHellIntoHell
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  • 187reborn187reborn
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    i need help too!