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Anyone else having a hard time in Balor?

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hi xd anyone else needing help in balor? i was never useful on evie but i try hard and die. I can't believe that because i got all my gear so it has to be impossible for me to die

my party members can't do much either and we can't get past the first 2 bars of hp lol if anyone knows at what time the good players start boats maybe i could join them but i would be a floor decoration too xD
this has to be a bug because i have all my gear and i still die.. did i whimp and ask for it all for nothing?

do you guys think balor should be nerfed and let us revive more times??
  1. is balor too strong?26 votes
    1. yes
       12% (3 votes)
    2. npo+
       88% (23 votes)


  • KenshinXKenshinX
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    Care to show your stats? Do you have Golden God atleast?

    Redeemer battles are supposed to be the toughest content in the game, if they nerf it then they would be making fun of people that practiced it for weeks. So I advise that instead of crying about how hard it is you should start practicing properly. Dodge attacks instead of doing damage, the others in the party should be able to handle that. Unsure of how to dodge the attacks? Watch a video on Youtube either solo or party play.

    Also it's not really a bug, even with 20k def he hits like a truck, even when he's not critting. In the later phases he gets one hit ko attacks so beware of those.
  • AngelYukkiAngelYukki
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    seems more like someone on forums imitating wifey
  • TheDazzlingTheDazzling
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    AngelYukki wrote: »
    seems more like someone on forums imitating wifey

    a pedophile white / purple Evie +yes
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    Staff or scythe?

    I play Staff and barely do 5% in most raids but I learn to survive most of the redeemers and spam Heal and Regen mostly . Lately i been dying only to some cheap one hit kill moves. But I almost have 20k def and usually tank gates to the face.
  • JamesGrossJamesGross
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    This thread is the whole reason why they nerfed Dullahan where you can still deal high amount of dmgs on him even though his shield is up. I guess these raids are too complicated and strong for the weak people with single digit IQs, who does best at nothing but complain daily.
  • KenshinXKenshinX
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    JamesGross wrote: »
    I guess these raids are too complicated and strong for the weak people with single digit IQs, who does best at nothing but complain daily.

    And yet here you are, complaining.
  • LayfenLayfen
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    Just practice and learn the moves. Going with two, or four people helps a lot too. You learn and understand first phase then you easily get past it and start working on the next and before you know it your only issue will be after 3 bars when two hits in less than 30 seconds? kills you. You just try to play that part like ein and you should be fine after some more pratice.
  • JinyieJinyie
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    If Balor had the new player free revives like Neam did for your first 5 runs that would help out new players coming into Balor. Not trying to be mean, but if you're starting a Balor where half the party is inexperienced everyone is going to have a rough run. Try splitting off and learn the basics before grouping up together with your friends/guild. Like everything in life, things don't come easy at first and it takes time as well as practice. Don't give up +fight
  • ArgazielArgaziel
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    Redeemers battles are the best battles of vindictus. I love them. I hope that they dont nerf them. You should practice more
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Practice and learn his moves.

    Don't be mediocre. Be better.