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Revert the Valentine's Ring Necklace

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As seen here:

Nexon has changed the item to remove the "+5 LUK" stat line from the item. Which means that people who planned to buy this or have leftovers are getting shafted by this sudden change.

Nexon should please add the "+5 LUK" back onto the item, so players will care about it and actually want it, because otherwise, the necklace is very lackluster and unimportant.
  1. Should Nexon add the "+5 LUK" back to the Devotion Ring?14 votes
    1. Yes
       100% (14 votes)
    2. No
       0% (0 votes)


  • DragonRiderDragonRider
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    I noticed this about 3 weeks ago... when i opened my ring boxes (saved up about 8 or so of them for my 5 characters.) from when they first sold them 2-3 years ago.

    I was immediately expecting my LUK stat, but it was not there. I didnt even bother to cry or send a ticket because Nexon has NOT been helpful in any of my past issues with in-game events at all. They always give me the copy-paste answer "were sorry we can't do anything" and just get their pay checks for NOT doing their jobs. They still dont' know how to treat paying customers right it seems, so I'll CONTINUE to keep my wallet shut from these bastards for running on no NX boycott for about 3 years now (been here since 2011).

    This company continues to fail and fail. But at least i'm playing your game for free, so suck it.