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Miri build help

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in Miri
Hi, im kinda fresh to this game and i had some questions if someone would be a doll and help me out.

I'm currently lvl 66 and i havent spent any AP yet except for the armor and weapon.

So here's some questions.

Lvling to 95? Just do story quests?

Can you max all you skills (with enough ap)?

Any guides where i can get some information in what order to use my AP on what skills? Or if someone had this information and would share with me here.

Anything else i should think about?

Thanks, Kind regards Nillie


  • JeyemJeyem
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    To 95: Story untill Regina, then S2 ex raids

    Yes you can max all skills

    Stamina and the spin2win attack dont remmeber the name for AP

    Nothing else really, its a breeze with Miri doing s1 and s2.
  • LoveaiyiLoveaiyi
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    1. Level to lv 70 through story
    2. Run lv 70 s2 bosses for exp (get carries recommended). S2 stories should get you to lv 83, then you are stuck there.
    3. Get Vip from AP shot past lv 40 with 500 AP to speed up leveling process.
    4. 2&3 should get you to around lv 80+ in one day.
    5. repeat the next day and you should get to lv 90
    6. or you can get carried in Abyssal Arena. Get a hard carry, use extra departures from VIP and Guild Departure passes, you should be lv 90 in 6 runs.
    7. Now you can join raids with the free gear and do whatever end game content to grind to lv 100

    Skill wise if you really don't want to invest in any thing, just max Scorching Streak and Blazing Spine, Critical Hit, Smash Mastery, Battle Respiration, Standing endurance, life flare, and HP potion mastery. Need over 50k AP to max all skills.

    Anything else you need to think about: keep playing the game or quit, f2p or p2w, it'll take you years to gear up f2p if you don't get lucky in drop, and full time grinding really doesn't help if you are not lucky to get the drops, set life priorities straight or you'll notice life being wasted away. Play because you enjoy the game, not because you want gear up and access content.